Soon we will be able to transfer data by our own body - 3 ideas for innovative use of this technology - Video

Last updated November 22, 2022 at 04:44 AM

Research published by Purdue University shows a technology that makes it possible to transmit data through the human body.

In the history of technology, several tools have been used in a century to transmit data. Many of us have experienced data transmission via infrared, bluetooth, and wifi. All of these data transmission technologies have one weakness in common. They can be accessed by people other than ourselves, which makes hacking possible.

Today we are going to discover a prototype created by purdue university which allows you to create a personal transmission line that only you and you can access. It is about your own body.


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Presentation of the prototype


The prototype developed by the engineers from Purdue University allows our bodies to be used as a link between the machine and our terminals. It was created to prove that it is possible to transmit digital signals from a source terminal to a receiver without significant loss of data.

The process only starts when the receiver is touched with a finger. Experience has shown that no signal transfer can take place without physical contact of the receiver with a part of our body. Even a few nanometers away, the signal is not received.


The success of this small experiment in transmitting digital data through the human body opens a door to many applications of this new technology.


Security application


Soon we will be able to transfer data by our own body - 3 ideas for innovative use of this technology - Video


This new technology of data transmission via our own body presents a new alternative to the use of digital fingerprints to connect to our devices.


"We're used to unlocking devices using our fingerprints, but this technology wouldn't rely on biometrics - it relies on digital signals. Imagine you are logging into an application on the phone from someone else by simple contact”Said Shreyas Sen, Purdue associate professor of electrical and computer engineering.




Application as an alternative payment method


Today we can pay using our smartphones, services like Paypal and our bank cards. If this technology matures, a payment can only be confirmed by touching the dedicated terminal. Our body serving as links between our smartphone and the terminal.


Application of technology in transferring photos and videos


Yes, we can dream as far as we want. With this new technology, we have the internet in our own body. We can now transfer data from our smartphone or watch connected to our computer by touching them.



Video presenting the technology


In this video you can learn more about the technology in question.




Last updated November 22, 2022 at 04:44 AM




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Soon we will be able to transfer data by our own body - 3 ideas for innovative use of this technology - Video