6 tips for writing a great summary - summarizing tool to go faster

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Summarize any article in just 6 steps and for those in a hurry, discover software that can summarize for you.


In everyday activities, reading summaries greatly influences our purchasing choices for specific content or books. Summarizing a content allows readers to get the gist of the content and easily absorb the details of a topic without getting lost. For that it is important, see necessary to know how to make a good summary of an article.


Further on, we will show you a tool that allows you to summarize your content. Knowing how a summary is done manually will allow you to use this tool more efficiently while being productive.


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6 tips for writing a great summary - summarizing tool to go faster



How to summarize an article in 6 easy steps


The main purpose of a summary is to get your message across to others in the shortest, most impactful way possible. Generating a summary is not an easy task as you need to have an idea of ​​the content you are going to deliver to others.

The most important thing in a well-done summary is to provide the central concept of the content in shorter terms. Sometimes a person can generate a summary that is missing the core lines of your article. This will lose the readers, because they will not understand the real concept of the text.

To produce a better summary, you need to present the words in the most impactful way possible. In short, we can say that the summary is the recapitulation of long articles. It would be best to have balanced ideas while generating a summary that clarifies the concepts to the reader.

Although it is a demanding task, providing a great summary to readers will increase your audience's ability to get their answers quickly.


Simple steps to summarize an article


There are two ways that users can summarize content. They can either use a manual way to generate a summary or use any summary tool.

If a person has trouble generating a summary manually or is in a hurry, a summarizing tool would be a big help.

Here, we'll quickly show you how to summarize an article while retaining the concepts most important to your readers.


  • Read the article and understand it well


Before generating a powerful summary, the first step is to read the content carefully and understand the central concept. It is important to fully understand the content you want to summarize in order to bring out the essential messages.

It is a difficult but the most influential way to get a reader's attention. However, if you give unnecessary information in summary and leave out the main ideas, it will be a waste of the reader 's time. Chances are the latter will never revisit your page again. So, be sure to read every point in the article that will help you convince your reader.


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  • Write the main ideas


It is mandatory to write down the main ideas of all the content as this will facilitate the writer and keep his summary to the point.

Suppose you start writing the content summary instantly after reading the article. You may have a good memory, but there are still risks of errors. When generating the summary for an extended trial, you may miss some main points or add unnecessary information to the summary. A reader will lose interest and leave the page. To keep the reader engaged, try to add main points to all of the content.

This is only possible if you write down the main ideas first. Then it will be easier for you to generate a summary related to the topic.



  • Define the length of the summary before writing it


Typically, the length of the summary is one-quarter of all content. This means that if you have 4 pages of an article, its outline should be covered on one page. After carefully reading the content, the next step is to put your ideas in a shorter form to ease the readership and clarify their perceptions of the topic.

To achieve this goal, you need to set the length of the summary. The goal is to present your ideas quickly and effectively. Thus, an author should generate the outline accordingly.



  • Remove repetition


Once you've defined its length, the next step is to write the content in a way that makes it more understandable.

Sometimes words are used repeatedly in the summary of content and the result leaves a detrimental impact on readers. The objective will therefore be to reduce, or even eliminate, these repetitions. If you use the same lines every time, the reader will not like to read your content and worse, they will not even finish it because the same information is provided in each line.

To the reader, your summary will seem like a waste of time due to repetitions. To correct the problem, you need to add some attractive new lines that force readers to read the entire text.




  • Give the moral of the story


It's a compelling way to keep your reader happy when you provide them with a solution at the end. Plus, it'll give him a brief idea of ​​the whole story.

Without a doubt, the best summary will instantly erase a person's concepts, but providing a moral about exclusive content is ultimately the easiest way to convince your reader.


Summary - How to do it in 6 easy steps - Software to go faster



Use an online tool - Summarizer 


The 5 methods above allow you to write the summary manually. If you are in a lazy mood or are short on time the other method would be to use a synthesis tool. The latter makes it possible to summarize all the content in a very short time.

Summarizer is one of the text summary tools that will always generate the summaries of your content respecting the average length of a summary compared to its original text. These tools highlight the main ideas and present them in such a way that a reader can easily read and understand them.

If you want to speed up your summary production, this method would be more appropriate.


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What you must remember

  • To write a perfect summary, you need to present the main ideas that are the strength of all the content.
  • If you are confused while generating the content summary, you can follow the steps mentioned above.
  • These steps can be useful in attracting audiences because the quality of your summaries will be much better.


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6 tips for writing a great summary - summarizing tool to go faster