How to install unity game engine for ubuntu

Last updated January 24, 2023 at 01:16 AM

How to install unity game engine on any linux based ubuntu without unnecessary hack and headache with whine. Here is the ultimate guide.

You have certainly heard of Unity3d software which is widely used to create video games and 3d apps.

For a long time it was believed that this software was only intended for owners of Windows PCs and Macs. The ideal alternative for linux game creators was Unreal engine.

Today, it is now possible to install Unity3d on linux without going through wine or any hacking technique. In this tutorial we will install the game engine on ubuntu.

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How to install unity game engine for ubuntu

How to install unity game engine for ubuntu

Unity3d software has been long awaited by the linux community. In this post I am including the easiest way to install it on ubuntu.

No more hacking, complex or dubious installation of simulation tools to make it work. Now we can create cross-platform games on linux. To start, you need to install Unityhub.

How to install Unity Hub on ubuntu

The installation of this tool under linux can be done simply in the terminal. Follow these instructions to the letter to succeed

1 – We will add the unityhub repository on ubuntu. Type the following commands

sudo sh -c 'echo "deb stable main" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/unityhub.list'
wget -qO - | sudo apt-key add -

This last command saves the public encrypted key.

2- Now that the repository is installed, we can now install the tool in question. Write these instructions:

sudo apt update sudo apt-get install unityhub

If you were able to install UnityHub by this method, you can skip the next section to continue with the installation of Unity 3d. If that ever fails you can always try to install it the old way.

How to install Unity Hub the old fashioned way

This section of the post was written before Unity Hub was officially ported to ubuntu. I don't know if this method still works.

The easiest way to install the game engine is through Unity hub. Here are the instructions on how to do it.

1- Download unity-hub on On the page you will have to click on the link Unity Hub

2 - The download file should be called UnityHub.AppImage . Copy it to the Desktop or any folder you want. We will often use it to start an unity project on ubuntu. The next instruction will be to make the file executable by changing its permission. Open your terminal and type:

chmod + x UnityHub.AppImage

The name UnityHub.AppImage can be replaced by the path to the file with that name.

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3- start unity-hub to install your game development tools. It can be started in two ways under linux.

  • The first way is to double click on the file UnityHub.AppImage. I will not recommend it personally because if the start can take time. It is impossible to know if your click is taken into account or not in this case. Suddenly we want to repeat the action and we end up with several windows that open at different intervals.
  • The second way and which is also my favorite is to launch Unity Hub via the terminal. For novices just type the path to the file ./UnityHub.AppImage in your terminal then click Enter . In this way it is possible to see the startup errors (if there are any) in the terminal. If all goes well the window should be displayed with the information log on the terminal. You can very quickly stop the process with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + c.

4- If all goes well after a few minutes of waiting (at most 2 min in our case at the first start). For this tutorial, I worked with the beta version of Unity Hub for linux. The window that appeared to me is this one:

How to install unity3d on ubuntu

All you have to do is log in and follow the instructions.

Unity game engine installation for ubuntu

Now that you've installed your Unity Hub brilliantly, it's time to install the Unity 3d game engine. To achieve this, you must log into your Unity 3d account. If you have not yet registered, registration can be done in two ways:

  • By application UnityHub where you can click on the link create accounts . (to connect it is the button Sign in of course ).

  • Directly through the website. You will need to come back to your Unity Hub to connect.

Once registration is complete, we can proceed to the next step. For this I will use my Unity Hub already installed as an example.

Unity3d - How to install it on ubuntu

1 - When you click on the button installs located on the left of your window you will have a page which should look like the one in the image above. The only difference from mine is that it's going to be empty. Unless a ghost has already installed unity3d in your absence.

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2 - Then click on the big button ADD blue located at the far right - top of your window.

Unity3d - How to install it on ubuntu

3 - We're almost there. You will need to be on the page shown in the image above where you can choose between the different versions of Unity 3d software. Leave the default settings then press the buttons NEXT. 

4 - From this step follow the instructions to install unity3d. The download may take a long time, so plan for a good internet connection and other offline activity while you wait for the download and installation process.

We have come to the end of the mini tutorial showing  How to install Unity3d on ubuntu without using Hack.


I hope everything went well with you, I installed the application while writing the mini tutorial.

The first time (a few months ago) was like a fairly experimental version. I haven't yet created a 100% Unity ubuntu game to confirm that it's possible, so we're only moving forward.

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How to install unity game engine for ubuntu