Snap – How to install it on ubuntu in 2022 – tutorial

Last updated November 1, 2022 at 11:16 AM

In this mini tutorial we will apprendre to install Snap on ubuntu using a command in a terminal.


Have you ever heard of Snap? It is not about Snapchat but rather an alternative to the package manager apt of the Ubuntu linux distribution. The main reason why I present this tool to you, is that unlike the tool apt , snap allows you to install much newer applications in linux. It is also a community-promoted alternative to apt.


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How to install Snap in ubuntu


For info, This alternative to apt is already installed in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus) and higher versions. The problem is, it doesn't seem to work when you try to use it. The system behaves as if the software did not exist. That is why, in this little tutorial, we present a solution that should work for all versions ofUbuntu having installed it or not.


Update: At the last news we switched to Ubuntu 20 and the tool works fine without installing any components.


To be able to install the applications  just install snapd using this command:


sudo apt-get install snapd


This command installs the core of the tool to allow it to function.


To install any application you just have to do:


sudo snap install package_name


To remove the package you just have to do:


sudo snap remove package_name


Replace package_name with the package you want to install. You must first consult the original site of the program you want to install and follow their installation instructions with snap to make sure you're doing it the right way.


Footnotes of the author : At the last news, it seems that this tool is still unstable. The installation did not work for all applications on our ubuntu 16.04 LTS but it may work on a newer version of the system.

Update: In ubuntu 20.04, the tool works very well even.


You can visit the site


Snap - How to install it from the terminal in ubuntu - tutorial