7 activities that help develop your brain while having fun.

Last updated August 6, 2023 at 09:21 AM

Develop your brain while having fun with these 7 amazing activities. Playing an instrument, reading, meditating: the secrets to gently stimulating your intelligence!

For a long time it was thought that we were born with a certain level of intelligence. Today it is scientifically proven that intelligence is acquired through our daily activities.

Here are 7 activities in this article that will help you develop your brain while having fun.

7 activities that help develop your brain while having fun

1 / Play a musical instrument

Play a musical instrument

Playing with a musical instrument helps develop creativity, analytical skills, language, mathematics… and more.

Basically, practicing a musical instrument develops the corpus callosum. It is a commissure that connects the 4 lobes of the brain.

Its development improves memory, executive skills and problems solving without taking age into account.

2 / Read all

image of a child connecting to a book

Mediafixer benefits of reading are the same. Whether it's reading Harry Potter, Games of Thrones or newspapers, reading reduces stress and improves intelligence.

Reading improves several types of skills.

You improve problem-solving skills, gathering multiple pieces of knowledge, detecting patterns, process of understanding and the ability to interpret and responding to other people's feelings.

Concretely, this translates into improved knowledge on “how to do things” and better management technique.

3 / Playing sports regularly can develop your brain

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Occasional physical exercises have no effect on our health. You have to exercise regularly.

This allows you to develop memory, learning, concentration and understanding, in short, you develop mental acuity.

Some studies have shown that sit still for a long time causes the opposite effect and hinders our brain. See this article

4 / Learn new languages

Learn foreign languages. Research has shown that people who speak multiple languages ​​are better problem solvers than people who speak only one language.

Succeeding in mastering a new language allows the brain to be more efficient in any mental activity.

This includes executive skills such as Planning and problem solving.

5 / Test your cumulative learning

The reason why apprendre a new language makes it possible to be smarter is that we use it constantly and we constantly learn the rules of grammar and vocabulary to improve.

Likewise for other areas, learn and use your skills constantly. It is cumulative learning.

6 / Work your brain while playing games.

Play games like sudoku, puzzles, card game, video games and other similar activity helps develop your neuroplasticity.

This develops the brain's ability to reorganize itself.

People with high neuroplasticity are less prone to anxiety and depression. You will learn quickly and you will memorize things better.

7 / Meditate

Image of woman meditating in yoga pose

Meditation is a mental practice that consists of focusing your attention on an object, a feeling, a thought or on emptiness.

This method is known to help relax, focus and improve mental and emotional well-being.

Meditation is one of the best ways to develop your brain and improve its concentration.

Activities that help develop your brain while having fun