Unusual - He managed to throw Doom in a pregnancy test

Last updated February 3, 2022 at 09:52 AM

A programmer has successfully hacked a pregnancy test to make a video of the game Doom from 1993.

A few days ago a developer posted a tweet unusual on the blue bird platform. This is a video from the 1993 Doom game running in a pregnancy test.

Given the degree of virality of his publication on the internet, the latter clarified that he only played a video of the famous game Doom in a pregnancy test. You couldn't actually play this game interactively with this electronic gadget.


Unusual - He managed to throw Doom in a pregnancy test Click to tweet



Frankly playing a video in a monocrome 128 × 32 screen is a big challenge in itself.


The author also explains that this feat would not have been possible if he had not completely modified the components. electronic pregnancy test. All that is left of the latter is only its hull.

He will do a tutorial in his twitter account explaining how he created the Doom pregnancy test.




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Unusual: He managed to throw Doom in a pregnancy test
Image by Julia Fiedler from Pixabay


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