Google Play Console: The new interface available

Today we have the opportunity to use the new interface of google play console along with millions of developers around the world. In this article, we give our first impression.

google play console is a web application intended for application developers and android mobile games. It allows any android developer to manage their applications from the test phase to the production and update phase. Today, we have access to the new google play console, we won't hide our confusion from you in the first seconds. To give you a visual, here is a presentation video.



We cannot display images from our interface because they contain very personal information. We will therefore be satisfied with a brief description of the interface.


First impression of the new google play console

At first, like most developers, we were confused by the new visual. Our usual buttons were not in the usual places. These are things that happen when an application interface changes overnight. The important thing is the speed at which we take it in hand. it took us 1 min at most to understand the principle.

The new interface of google play console is presented more clearly than the previous one. What struck us the most was the content of the “Growth” section of the web application. It contains all the necessary figures to analyze the performance of the android application concerned. For us, that greatly reduced the calculations we performed and saved in our Excel tables in order to do more in-depth analyzes later. The new google console does a lot of the math for us.

Google seems to be keeping its promises by ensuring that the new play console will help us work faster and more efficiently. This article remains our first impression after 30 min of use at most. It remains to be seen for the future, the long term and how they help us in the future android application projects. We will use them regularly anyway.


It should be noted that this version of google play console is still in beta version and it is possible to return to the old version. You may be interested in Togo: We can now sell applications in google playstore et Twitter: 7000 accounts deleted in recent weeks.