Google funds 100 scholarships

Google announces three new programs online certificates in the field of data analysis, project management and user experience design. The American company announces that it will fund these scholarships if any of its courses are chosen.

Certificates are created and taught by employees of Google. These certificates do not require a college degree and can be completed in three to six months. they are offered via the online learning platform Coursera. Google also says it will consider all of its certificates the equivalent of a four-year college degree for related roles within

«This does not generate revenue for GoogleSays Lisa Gevelber. The latter is both vice president of Google, directs Grow with Google and Google for Startups and acts as director marketing of American society.

«The Coursera platform itself comes at a low cost - the current price is $ 49 per month - but we want to make sure that anyone who wants to get this opportunity can have it.»

The giant of technology has committed to fund 100 needs-based scholarships for those enrolled in any of these career certificate programs. Google will also award more than $ 000 million in grants to YWCA, NPower and JFF - three nonprofits that partner with Google to ensure the development of the female workforce, veterans and underrepresented Americans.

Gevelber says Google chose the specific areas of data analyst, project management and user experience, as they can lead to “high-growth, high-paying careers”.


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