Discover the 5 hidden features of Gmail

Last update July 4, 2023 at 11:07

5 features that boost the productivity in Gmail.

Gmail allows us to communicate by electronic messages with our relatives and collaborators. Today, this platform has become practical for both individuals and professionals. This messaging solution is available everywhere as a web application and mobile applications. In this article, we're going to cover 5 Awesome Gmail Features You Probably Don't Know About.


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1- E-mail planning


Sometimes we want to write to someone on a specific date, either to wish them a happy birthday or to make a request at the right time. Function “Schedule the send”  allows you to plan your emails and send them when you want.

After composing your email, click on the small down arrow on the right side of the button “ Send ”And click” schedule send “. You will then have to choose between the time suggested by gmail itself or specify the date and time yourself. It is possible to do the same in the Gmail application of your android or iphone mobile phone.



2- Intelligent composition


Some of you will notice that responses are automatically offered in response to recipients. Sometimes while writing you have expressions that come up. It is Smart Compose. A new feature added last year by gmail.

Smart Compose predicts what you are going to write and allows you to insert predicted words or entire sentences by pressing the tab key on computer or space at the end of the predicted sentence in your smartphone. If you don't have it yet, activate it in the tab General of your Settings Gmail by scrolling down to "Smart writing"And by clicking on the button next to"Text suggestions enabled". You will have generic suggestions by default. We can also turn on personalization to allow Google to keep track of your writing style and offer personalized suggestions.




3- Send confidential E-mails with gmail


This is a message that leaves no trace. This is one of the hidden gmail features that will probably come in handy for you. When you start gmail, press ” new message“, Click on the padlock / clock below. With your smartphone, press the three-dot menu button and choose "Confidential mode". You will be able to prevent the email from being forwarded, copied, printed or downloaded. You can also set an expiration date so that the email is automatically deleted. Finally, you can configure the email to require the reading of an access code, and the access code will be sent by SMS.



4- Automatic reminders


It sometimes happens to send e-mails where their response is important and that over time we forget to check whether we have received this important response. We may rely on the email notification alert to remind us, but people who receive a lot of messages every day end up ignoring them. The best way to target important emails is to use the gmail Auto Reminder feature.

It is found among the  settings Gmail and is called “Nudge at " or "Automatic reminders“. Go to the “General”Of the settings to activate it. This feature also automatically reminds you of emails you forgot to reply or follow.

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5- Search for Emails by date


The latter is an old and good trick. Most people don't know it despite its usefulness. If you exchange a lot of emails with a specific person or about a specific subject and you need to find an email among the old ones without having to dig too much, use the keywords after: the_date ou before: the_date in the gmail search bar.


If I search for example the emails which date before 01/01/2020 I will simply type in the search bar before: 01/01/2020. Likewise if I want emails that date after 12/12/2019, I will just type after: 12/12/2019.



Last update July 4, 2023 at 11:07




There are several other features we weren't able to list in this article and new ones that will be added to Gmail over time. The most important thing is to minimize the effort in handling this messaging service. You don't have to know everything.

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Discover the 5 hidden features of Gmail