Gatebox: the google home of japan

Last update September 21, 2022 at 06:44 am

Discovering a smart hologram technology that plays can play the role of a google home.

Nowadays the trend in technology is moving more and more towards intelligent assistants. These technologies come in the form of an application or an electronic box with which you interact by speaking. The best known are google home and amazon echo. In Japan a third type of assistant is created by thecompany Vinclu. This is the Gatebox, the google home of Japan.

Gatebox: the google home of japan

What is the Gatebox?


The Gatebox comes in the form of a suspended cylinder, resembling a coffee machine. It has similar functionality to amazon echo and google home. It can serve as an alarm clock or turn off the lights in the rooms, but that's not all. The Gatebox is a special special assistant because it houses a person.



The person she accommodates is baptized Aikumi Hikari. He's a virtual character with whom we can have an “almost” human conversation. She has her own emotions, passions and desire. The more you interact with her, the more she learns from you and adapts to it to please you. The company's goal on this product is clear:

  The reason we developed Gatebox isn't because we're just looking for entertainment or convenience. We want the characters to be naturally in our daily life and to have a relaxing time with us. I want to live with my favorite characters. We dreamed of such a world and we launched this project. "


In short, Hikari is the ideal virtual girlfriend. This goes far beyond the relationship between human and machine. You are probably wondering what Hikari does in your everyday life? Here is a video clip that will answer your question.



As we can see Hikari can wake you up, warn you in bad weather, send SMS and prepare the house for your arrival. Everything is managed by oral or written conversation with the assistant.


How much can the Gatebox cost?


The gatebox is only in its infancy and is only distributed in Japan at present. The company wants to add new languages ​​and export the product as soon as possible. The supported language is currently only Japanese. The cost of the Gatebox is from 150.000 yen or 791,653 fcfa.




It should be noted that in Japan, many young people suffer from social isolation. In a country where social pressure and suicide rates are high, depression is often the cause. The Gatebox is perhaps the solution allowing isolated people to have solid emotional support.