30 Worst Funniest Quiz Papers Made By Students

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Discover the worst quizzes that are both funny and impressive.

Have you ever imagined yourself in the shoes of a teacher? Teaching is exciting work, and it's even more so when you're the one laying down the law and writing the interrogations.


One of the most tedious tasks after teaching is correcting copies. It is a test not only for the students but also for the teacher. The latter, in addition to having to correct more than 1000 copies with honesty, notes himself, that is to say the more the pupils have good marks and the more he has reasons to believe that his method of education produces results.


Imagine you are stressed, you have just corrected 300 different scripts from classes of all levels, how will you feel when you see these next 30 scripts?


I will try to rewrite the contents of the images that appear illegible, the student's response in normal color and in red the teacher's response.


The 21 ugliest animals in the world


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1 / Entrance hall


30 Worst Funniest Quiz Papers Made By Students


2 / * uck


30 Worst Funniest Quiz Papers Made By Students


Elon Musk wants proof that $ 6 billion can solve world hunger problem



3 / F (x) = female


30 Worst Funniest Quiz Papers Made By Students


4 / Find 'X'


30 Worst Funniest Quiz Papers Made By Students


5 / Then conclusion


30 Worst Funniest Quiz Papers Made By Students
It's written on the sheet: in conclusion, the color of the schtroumph's skin comes from the very basic ph of sarsaparilla which modifies the active site of tyrosinase. the smurfs are therefore like us, they only eat food with a too low ph, they should not be discriminated against.



6 / Cite 5 words starting with the prefix aqua with its meaning, specifying its relationship with its etymology


30 Worst Funniest Quiz Papers Made By Students




  • aquarium: rectangle with fish (container)


  • aquacasert: i don't know


  • there are not enough lines. Is this really the concern? 


The 10 great inventions that have revolutionized our daily lives


7 / Who was Louis XVI?


30 Worst Funniest Quiz Papers Made By Students


1- Who was Louis XVI? the XVI of the Louis Wonderful observation bravo! another ?


2- Why is he dead? It's life… But still ?


3- When did he die? I didn't ask him You should have


8 / The rules


30 Worst Funniest Quiz Papers Made By Students


What initially caused the emotional shock was the rules. Yes, it's still a shock ...



9 / Suicide


30 Worst Funniest Quiz Papers Made By Students


10 / 1/2 point excuse


  I apologize to you for this stain: I always draw my faces to correct in a large bowl of tea, and I accidentally spilled some… I add 0.5 point to be forgiven. 


N'don't try to see the spelling mistakes I just copied like an automaton what I thought I read



11/4-point negotiation



I have the calculations in my head, I have them on the tip of my tongue but it won't come out so can you please give me the 4 points of the exercise? plus a few more points (10 points would be enough for me). I thank you in advance if you make this gesture.


I have your 4 dots at the end of my pen, but the ink does not want to come out anymore ... 



12 / Correction




13 / English lessons


thepenisonthebook: the penis on the book


14 / Ducobu copy


Disney: 9 gorgeous photos that show what the Disneys princesses would look like if they were black


15 / You are never very careful


This copy is protected against AIDS. You can never be too careful ...



16/ What is your favorite shade?


unusual_ copies




17 / Why is growing up weird?


unusual_ copies


Because every person says how are you? and we should always answer “good” even if we are not doing well.


Makeup - 21 shocking photos that show that you can become what you want - unusual


 18 / How does the brain look like melon? list 7 answers


unusual_ copies


1- It's delicious


19 / Miranda cannot see anything when she sees in the microscope. Suggest the reason why she sees nothing


unusual_ copies
She is blind. good try.



 20 / Draw a diagram of the situation


unusual_ copies


21 / In a word, describe the school.


unusual_ copies


This Machine Removes Feathers From A Chicken In Under 15 Seconds In A Weird Way


 22 / I cannot answer the question


unusual_ copies


 Sir, I can't read the question, there is a bear blocking the way


23 / Draw the cell of a plant and identify its important different parts.


unusual_ copies



24 / Tracey made a mistake, use an example to show that she is wrong.


unusual_ copies


It's a woman.

25 /


unusual_ copies


The best fails of 2020


26 / what is hard water? (it is a heavy mineral water)


unusual_ copies
 it's ice cream


27 / Why does the saturn planet wear a ring?


unusual_ copies
Because God likes it, so he put a ring on it. Saturn was not a single woman.




28 / Describe the 4 grammar components without context.


unusual_ copies



29 / Cause: Tony practices the piano for 20 minutes every day


unusual_ copies
Result: He's a big nerd (a genius in electronics)


16 of the greatest mysteries of all time that have been forgotten they're solved


30/ How do you know that 68 is an even number?


unusual_ copies
Because I am intelligent.


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30 Worst Funniest Quiz Papers Made By Students