Flappy kub – new in last update.

Flappy kub is our very first arcade-style android game inspired by the famous flappy bird game.

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Flappy kub is our very first android arcade type game.

To mark our entry into the world of video games, we wanted to start with a game that is simple and easy to learn.


In the last update we made a lot of changes and improvements.


2022 update


This year we resumed the project by solving many errors and bugs of the game.

If the update is not frequent or regular like the other projects, the latter is not an abandoned project.

If you like the game, let us know.


Archive – 2020 update

1 / Addition of 5 game levels


True, it doesn't sound like much, but creating a level at our current level is still a painstaking job. Try to finish them and come back to complain afterwards. We have more than 40 levels anyway.


2 / A way to skip levels too difficult (beta)


You have given us some difficult levels to overcome. According to our tests we found that it is still possible to win. Compromise is a very easy way to skip levels, easy for you, and happy for us. It's your turn.

3 / Flappy kub improvements


Several details in terms of animation and gameplay have been improved. The size of the apk too. Result you have a smoother game with a lighter apk in your phone.

You will be able to download the flappy kub game in google play store.