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We tested final fantasy 14. Here's what we think of it games.

Today in this test section, we are going to talk about a video game. It's about massively multiplayer online game, final fantasy 14. We played it and in this article dedicated to the test, the author will give his personal opinion.

Before continuing, I want to mention that I am not a fan of the final fantasy saga. The last one I played was Final Fantasy 7, which I didn't manage to complete.

We are going to talk about final fantasy 14, which I am currently playing with great pleasure. To get to the heart of the matter, I will make a brief presentation of the game.


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Presentation of the game


Final fantasy 14 unlike the other adventures of the saga, is a pc games  MMORPG-like. Which means you can meet other players and then play with them. This MMORPG is compatible with Microsoft Windows, ps4, Mac OSX then the Xbox One.

The final fantasy game includes 3 major expansions which are in order of release Heavensward (2015), Stormblood (2017) and Shadowbringers (2019). Each extension corresponds to the sequel to a great epic. The game begins with a free base expansion called Real reborn. At the end of the story, Heavensward's story begins, then Stormblood and so on. I played it until shadowbringer when I wrote this article.

Now that the game is presented, we can begin the review of the final fantasy 14 game. I will make an effort not to spoil the content of the game.



Contents of the final fantasy game 14


Recommendation - Final fantasy 14
Me in full flight in final fantasy 14


The game is very rich in content and challenges. It is impossible for me to describe everything in this article but I will do my best. What struck me the most about the game was the story, the dungeons, and the music. Let's start with the story. The story of final fantasy 14 is full of epic moments and twists and turns. At the end of the journey, we learn retains a lot of lessons.

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1- History

Recommendation - Final fantasy 14
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Beautiful stories are the common threads of final fantasy games, a legend in the video game world. the 14th game of the saga is no exception to this rule. As nothing is perfect, this MMORPG game has some flaws.

  •  The story is moving very slowly. Especially for a player hungry for actions. The first dungeon is available from level 15.
  •  Between each important part of the main story, there are a lot of routine quests that get you “walking”. It is less heavy at the start but when we go far and we become impatient to know the rest of the story, we often meet NPCs (non-playable character) who make you waste your time. Fortunately for all, we can participate in the dungeons already conquered.

Quests despite their flaw are worth completing for epic, funny or stressful moments. It is especially in these moments that we realize that the story does not move fast enough ”lol“.


We mentioned dungeons as an escape route when you get bored in quests. Let's discover the adventures in the dungeons.




2- Final fantasy dungeons 14


Recommendation - Final fantasy 14
Me in a fighting position in final fantasy 14

The online game dungeons are very easy and fun to explore. This is one of the challenges of the game that we achieve as a team. Simply if you are a beginner, you will never risk getting lost. The dungeons are so well designed that with every mistake you won't have to go all the way back without risking getting lost along the way. I have known MMORPGs where when you get lost in a dungeon, you get stuck until the end of the game. It had happened to me that the dungeon was completed without me. This spoils the experience of team play and especially the fun.


You can replay dungeons at will whatever your level. As long as their level is lower than yours. There is a level synchronization system which allows you to replay the dungeons with a younger team (in level).

The fault that I noted is that for certain combat classes, it is very difficult to access the dungeon due to the shortage of the healer and tank class. To achieve this, it is better to form your own team in the game or invite members of your guild. Or choose one of the classes between healer and tank.

You should know that dungeons are only playable in teams. To better enjoy a team game, you need a good community of players. This is one of the things that is often overlooked when it comes to massively playable games. But before that, what if we talked a little about music?




3- Music


What attracts me the most in video games is history and especially music. A game with bad music is hard to digest. I'm not going to dwell on this part because the music is very subjective and it's more a matter of taste. In my opinion, the music perfectly describes the atmosphere, the level of tension of each part of the story. Each extension has its musical theme that makes you feel what is to come.

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Community of players


At the beginning the players you meet in the dungeons are very nice. Unfortunately the more you advance in high level dungeons, the more difficult people you meet. I have met two types of players in this game:

  • Those who throw stones at you for each error.
  • Those who have patience and give you advice.
  • And those who insult you and leave the game without giving you time to respond
  • Others who complain about your [incompetence]
  • And the ones that gently remind you of what you forgot to activate.

Hey, instead of 2 I found 5. To get by, here is the solution:

  • Being very good, you will see that everyone will be nice to you.
  • Watch the dungeon on youtube before you start. In other words you spoil yourself before playing. This is not the method that I recommend.
  • Take part in complex dungeons with your friends or guild colleagues. This is the method I recommend because they will let you take your time in the dungeon and enjoy the game.




Graphics and performance


With a good setting we can enjoy a beautiful graphics with a good performance of the game. Compared to other MMORPG games that I could play, the graphics of final fantasy 14 highlights the details. Again, it all depends on the configuration you make.

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Price and tip to save


What is to be reproached with final fantasy 14 is that it is necessary to spend monthly while there are completely free MMORPG games (it's good competition). It takes between 6000 and 7500fcra per month depending on the current prices. To access the new content of the game you have to pay around 30fcfa per extension. Again, it varies a lot depending on the current prices. Fortunately the game is free up to level 000 for a while. (with its own conditions).

To enjoy the game you have to test it up to level 30 to give yourself time to get an opinion. If you decide to continue, I advise you to pay the last extension of the moment, the latter includes all the extensions that preceded it. For example if I buy the shadowbriger extension, I will automatically have access to heavensward and stormblood included.

The second tip to save money is to subscribe for several months. If you have ever reached the limit for the number of quests, wait for the release of the next expansion before continuing with the subscription. This way you will have more content to play nonstop.





Author's Note


When I play ff14 (short for final fantasy 14), I am very interested in the story. Dungeons and multiplayer games are great to replay when I'm looking for some action during quiet times. The game is not free, so I wouldn't want to spend my time on multiplayer games.

If you really want to enjoy the game, configure in the settings, the voice spoken in Japanese and the transcription in your preferred language. You will not be disappointed during cutscenes.

I certainly missed challenges with my playstyle, so I'll let you find out.






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The final fantasy 14 game is what I recommend to all MMORPG type beginners. Everything is done for teach you how to survive in the world around you. Like any game of this genre, you can communicate with friends, play games together and even duels or group confrontations. For the latter, you must be at least level 30 and pay.

Here is the end of the second test we performed. The author is a fan of video games, why not talk about it in TediDev? It is an entertainment site after all.


Recommendation - Final fantasy 14
final fantasy 14

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