Failed to apply plugin [id ''] - Android studio - Troubleshooting

Last updated February 5, 2022 at 07:21 AM

This troubleshooting resolves the error Failed to apply plugin [id ''] in android studio.


We encountered a compilation error after a big update to the gradle tool. In this tutorial dedicated to troubleshooting computer errors we will try to provide the solution that worked (for us anyway) !!


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While compiling your android application you find the error below:


A problem occurred evaluating project ': app'. > Failed to apply plugin [id '']> The option 'android.enableUnitTestBinaryResources' is deprecated. The current default is 'false'. It has been removed from the current version of the Android Gradle plugin. The raw resource for unit test functionality is removed.


If this is your case, the help would be much simpler than it seems.





To solve this problem just remove the script line below from the file

android.enableUnitTestBinaryResources = true


The file is at the root of your project. It is difficult to miss it.



Last updated February 5, 2022 at 07:21 AM




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Troubleshooting - Failed to apply plugin [id ''] - Android studio