ERROR Android emulator gets killed - Troubleshooting

Last updated June 24, 2022 at 06:40 AM

In this troubleshooting we will resolve the error: ERROR Android emulator gets killed.


You start your android studio and you are anxiously waiting for the android IDE to load. Finally you run your project which starts the android emulator by default. It only took a few seconds to see the error: ERROR Android emulator gets killed you explode in the face. What happened ? The causes and the solutions are to be followed.


Lire aussijava.lang.ClassNotFoundException: Didn't find class on path: dexpathlist - Troubleshooting


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ERROR Android emulator gets killed - Troubleshooting


The current error can appear for several reasons and have several solutions. The reasons can be:


  • Insufficient disk space to start the emulator
    • it is therefore necessary to reduce the space that the emulator takes to start or to make space in your hard disk


  • The emulator android is very obsolete
    • Consider updating it


Lire aussiMessage: GC overhead limit exceeded Stack: OutOfMemoryError - Expiring Daemon because JVM heap space is exhausted



  • Virtualization problem
    • If you are on windows , check that you have correctly installed the tool Intel x86 Emulator Accelerator


  • Bad folder paths leading to android SDK
    • Check that the field Android SDK Rental is correct in the settings



Finally, to finish in style, here is the cause of the error at our level:

  • In the settings of the emulator causing the problem, the field External file was misinformed.
    • To solve it go Avd manager -> Edit this AVD (the problem emulator) -> SD card :
      • check studio-managed
      • and / or verify that the content of external file is correct even (if not selected).


This is the end of troubleshooting, we hope you have found the solution to your problem here.


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ERROR Android emulator gets killed - Troubleshooting


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