Become an email pro: Respond to emails like a boss with these 9 examples

Last updated October 30, 2023 at 11:07 AM

Boost your communication and respond to emails like a real professional. Respond to emails with these tips from successful entrepreneurs…like a boss

The exchange in e-mail escapes no one. The way we express ourselves represents us in front of the client. To maximize your relationship with the latter, it is important to know how to answer them without frustrating them.

In this post we show how to answer an email like a boss.

Respond to emails like a boss with these 9 examples

Replaced sorry by thank you

Before using the infographic which is the main subject of this post, we took the liberty of putting the new content update first.

In this section we present a variant of infographics that can be applied not only in email, but also in communication. Replace sorry with thank you.

Instead of sorry:

  • to be late, say thank you for waiting for me
  • for talking so much, thank you for listening to me
  • for disturbing you, thank you for helping me
  • I forgot it, thank you for not calling it back
  • that you stayed late because of me, thank you for going beyond your professional obligations

Below is the corresponding infographic:

Email - 9 examples to respond like a boss - infographic

We shouldn't overdo the idea of ​​thanking for anything, but the idea is not to shoot ourselves too much on our feet. You have to separate your professional language from your everyday language that you have with family and friends.

Other Tips for Responding to Emails Like a Boss

In this section, the content will be organized by group of context , What you should not do and finally the correct way to reply to the message. At the end we will display the infographic from which this mini post is taken.

We will proceed on a case-by-case basis to give you an idea of ​​how to respond to a client. The rest, I think we can get by by taking inspiration from the basics written here.

Remember: context - what not to do - what to do instead.

It took a long time to reply to the message.

  • Instead of : Sorry / Sorry for the delay
  • answer : Thank you for your patience

How to agree on a program or a tem jobps

  • Instead of : What works the most for you ...
  • Answer: Is it possible to ... or can you ...

When everything is going well

  • Instead of : Yes no problem
  • Answer: Always happy to help.

To propose a solution

  • instead of : I think maybe we should
  • Answer: It would be better if we ...

Hard work

  • Instead of rewriting an email for 40 minutes
  • Instead, offer a face-to-face discussion

You answer a relevant question from a client

  • Instead of : Hoping it makes more sense
  • Answer: Let me know if you have any further questions.

To supervise

  • Instead of : Just to check
  • Answer: When can I get an update?

In cans of errors

  • Instead of : AAAAAh sorry, thanks for letting me know
  • Answer: The problem is noted, thank you for pointing it out to me.

To break free

  • Instead of : Is it possible that I would rather free myself
  • Answer: I will need to free myself at ... (set the scheduled time)

I found it important to publish it because I found myself making certain mistakes in my freelance activities.

I thought I shouldn't be the only one doing it. In any case, you don't have to follow everything to the letter if you think certain methods work better with your clients.

Now here is the infographic source for the article.

Email - 9 examples to respond like a boss - infographic

EMAIL LIKE A BOSS - 10 Examples for Responding to Emails Like a Boss - Infographic