Effie – the app that stores your ideas

Last updated February 1, 2023 at 07:25 AM

Discovery of Effie, an application of note taking which will please more than one.

If I had discovered it earlier, I would have adopted it first. That's the thought that came to me when I discovered this freemium note-taking app.

In this post, we are going to talk about this software designed to keep your ideas in all possible forms.

Effie – the app that stores your ideas

Elfie is a note-taking application that is similar to a mind map. it's designed to help you write down your ideas more creatively and faster.

Feature of Effie:

Effie makes it easy for all kinds of jobs including web editors. The tool is composed of a set of following features:

  • writing text

  • mind map to organize ideas

  • Ability to make SWOT analyzes or other diagrams that help in decision-making

  • It is cross-platform (except on Linux ).

The features of effie are summarized in the following video.

Disadvantages of Productivity Software

  • The major drawback of the application is that its registration model does not allow us to use it for a long time for free for personal purposes. Effie is only free to try but costs around $4.99/month and $29.99/year. (the price is not huge either)

  • Second, Effie does not have a web version. It is a software that can be installed on several operating systems except on a web browser. This very quickly limits its use for a person like me who lives in a Linux environment.

Specification of Effie

Publisher: 7S2P Inc.

Licence : Paid Software (free trial version)

Operating system : Windows, Mac OS, IOS, ANDROID

Categories: software productivity

Website: www.effie.pro/

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