14 propositions of resolutions of the year to keep in order to succeed in 2022

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Today, our proposals for good resolutions for the year 2022 which should be easy to keep.


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Proposed good resolutions to be held in 2022


14 motions for resolutions of the year to keep in order to succeed in 2022


Each year we wish the best wishes to loved ones and comrades. Alongside wishes, we take resolutions that we do not always manage to achieve. For this year 2022, here are the proposals for good resolutions to be held in 2022.




1- Decide to have a good life


It is useless to ask too many questions about what will happen to us tomorrow or to regret the mistakes of the past. To make better progress, you must apprendre from our past mistakes and work on the present to prepare for what will happen in the future. You may be interested in 45 tips to enjoy life to the fullest.


Resolutions of the year : Live in the present.


2- Gratitude


We tend to see the wrong things everywhere. Sometimes because of our past experiences, what happens to our loved ones and fear of the future. As a consequence, we feed negative thoughts that affect our well-being.


The best way to get rid of it is to practice gratitude. We get up every morning thanking God for all the good things that have happened to us. If you think nothing good has happened to you, be happy to at least be alive.

Practice gratitude helps you not easily lose motivation. See  3 essential things to know to never lose your motivation


Resolutions of the year : Practice gratitude every morning



3- stop procrastinating


We all want to succeed in life. One of the things that keeps a man and a woman from leaving the souhait for the achievementis procrastination.

Procrastination for short is the fear of effort. Everyone procrastinates, but managing procrastination is crucial to moving forward with your plans.

To overcome procrastination you have to plan and organize yourself for each project you start. See How to overcome procrastination?


Resolutions of the year : Reduce procrastination


4 - Control your finances


Why do startups or businesses fail?


Have you ever won "big" at the end of the month and in a few days you wondered why everything is over? If this is your case, the answer is quite simple. You spent more than you earned.

This classic principle is very difficult to follow. It doesn't just work in finances. It can be used in resource management and management of time.

To better manage your finances and even your life, it is important not to spend more than to earn. Meditate while reading:





Resolution of the year: Don't spend more than you earn



5 - Get up early


It is important to get up early. Not because the majority of the world's greats do it. Rather because when you get up early you have more time during the day.

You have a lot to gain by getting up early and to start, you just have to go to bed early. See 7 tips to know to get up early in the morning


Year resolution : Get up early every day.


6 - sleep


It may sound strange, but the number of people who sleep poorly is increasing every year in the world. It is enough not to sleep for more than 10 days to be close to death. See Health: Lack of sleep kills. This is what happens when you don't want to sleep.

To sleep well, you have to sleep early enough. Before that, one should avoid electronic screens and turn off the lights. If you suffer from insomnia there are tips to help you fight it.


Resolution of the year: Sleep well and stick to it.


7 - Reading


You have to read regularly. We are not talking about reading information on social networks. We do not ask to read the articles of tedidev either. We are talking about reading Books or their digital equivalent.

Reading books has many intellectual and emotional riches. Reading allows you to expand your culture and improve your skills.

To start, choose a book about your hobby or a novel. It can also be the bible. Resolve to read at least one paragraph of a book per day.

You may be interested in The 5 reasons why you should love reading et How to learn? The right method.

Resolution of the year: Finish at least one book in the year.


8 - Play sports


Google map traveler
Photo by Amine M'Siouri from Pexels


We cannot say enough about the benefits of regular physical activity. A doctor said, by the way, whoever doesn't have time to play sports has time to get sick.

Physical activity is not the easiest resolution to maintain, but it is of utmost importance. Try to do at least 5 min of sports every day. Your body will thank you.


Year resolution : Do sports every day


9 - eat healthy


We can play sports to get in shape, but as long as we don't control our diet, we will not achieve anything. It is often recommended to eat a lot of vegetables and fruits every day.

If this new habit seems difficult to adopt at first, we can proceed to the elimination of foods that harm us. Which leads us to the next resolution.



10 - Reduce your consumption of sugary foods


Sugar is proven to be responsible for a lot of ailments and cardiovascular disease when consumed in large quantities. It is also one of the main causes of obesity.

The best way to eat sugary foods healthily is to substitute fruit for it. Besides, some fruits have many benefits. This is the case with black tamarind or black fruit. See  The 12 benefits of black tamarind


11 - Pay attention to the conservation of food. Potato example


Just eat healthy and you will be fine. It is also necessary to be very careful with the conservation of food. In this section we will talk about the case of the potato.

This edible tuber is not bad for your health. The problem is when she rots. The potato gives off a very toxic gas that can kill anyone in its path. See The lesser-known danger of the potato that is rarely talked about.

To prevent this from happening, it is important not to leave it too long before feeding on it. This is the case with other types of food.


Resolution of the year: Eat fresh produce


12 - Drink water regularly



It is known that water is good for your health. We are not going to dwell on his assets. On the other hand, if you regularly use bottled water, it is recommended to pay attention to its conservation.

You may be interested in 3 reasons why a water bottle in the car can cost you your life


13 - Sit less often



Nowadays, posture is more and more important to perform any activity optimally without hurting yourself. With technological advances and new work tools, a position seems to be required to ensure the comfort of users. This is the sitting position.

A study has shown that this position is bad for your health. See  6 reasons why sitting is a bad habit


14 - Maintain a positive attitude


For 2 years our activities have been influenced by the pandemic. To move forward well, it is important to maintain a positive attitude whatever the situation and in the darkest moments.

Our mind is even more important to protect so as not to give in stress and anxiety.



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Here are our last tips of the year to get you back on track in 2022. Whatever your resolutions, the TediDev team wishes you the best.


14 motions for resolutions of the year to keep in order to succeed in 2022