The first 4 web browsers with a graphical interface

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Discovery of the first web browsers with a graphical interface that inspired our web software today.

All the good things we find today as products, services and even entertainment have origins.

Even the very first inventions were inspired by another product, or a natural event.

Where I'm coming from is that the software that is now part of our daily life like our toothbrushes come from afar.

In this post, we will talk about the first web browsers with a graphical interface. You will be surprised at what they have become now.

Creation of the first browser with a graphical interface

The Internet started with an email. The network existed long before, but its use started right after the creation of an email.

Now that the man has learned to talk to each other over the internet, little by little he now had to read the documents shared by his relatives.

It is the birth of a software that allowed a second explosion of the internet that we know as the web. This is the appearance of the very first browser with a graphical interface.

This is the worldwideweb, later called Nexus by the same author to avoid any confusion with the www, of which he is also the author.

You still don't know who it is? Tim Berners-Lee Of course.

After him, there were many waves of attempts to create a more powerful and intuitive graphical web browser than Nexus. This is the wave of the first web browsers with a graphical interface.

The first web browsers with a graphical interface

The first browsers, as you can imagine, were not sophisticated like those we know today.

For their time, the fact that they were equipped with a graphical interface was more than enough to stand out from their competitors. The user experience was not always the priority.

The fathers of web browsers are quite numerous and unknown to the public. A lot of early software was designed without a graphical interface. At the time, you needed a very sophisticated computer to make them work.

Remember this first? the very first web browser, was already designed with a graphical interface.

World wide web (now Nexus) – first browser with graphical interface – 1990

He is the author of the protocol hyper text transfer protocol known as http . He is the very first developer to create and define the foundations of what we know today as the world wide web or www.

He is also the designer of the world wide web browser which he later calls Nexus to avoid confusion.

Thanks to the http protocol, Tim Berners-Lee has enabled the world to create and read information differently through their browser.

Currently he is the President of world wide web consortium abbreviated w3c. This company allows to continue the improvement of the web all over the world.

Thanks to its creation, a long wave of creation of more powerful and intuitive browser that Nexux followed.

Erwise – 1992

Erwise was created by Kim Nyberg, Teemu Rantanen, Kati Suominen, Kari Sydänmaanlakkaun. A group of students from the University of Altoo in Finland.

The project ended with the graduation of these 4 university students.

NCSA Mosaic – 1993

NCSA Mosaic is among the most popular early internet browsers of the time. It is often mistakenly considered the very first internet browser.

Its popularity is due to the fact that it was the first to integrate multimedia in addition to text.

This browser was the only one at its time to support http, FTP and even NNTP.

This browser has allowed the general public to discover the Internet.

Netscape navigator – 1994

Netscape was also an extremely popular browser.

If today it no longer exists it was because of Microsoft's unfair competition practices which highlighted Internet Explorer.

When justice had ruled against Microsoft, it was already too late for theentreprise Netscape.

Today, Netscape navigator exists in open source under the name of … Mozilla firefox.

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