Duckduckgo: the open source google alternative

Last updated August 15, 2019 at 05:48 AM

Google is an integral part of our life but the most important information is sometimes considered less relevant. This is even more true when our results vary according to our behavior. For more open and unbiased results, try Duckduckgo: the open source alternative to google.



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DuckDuckGo is a search engine that has the particularity of operating without collecting data about you. We know that google collects our data to provide personalized search results. Which is not always well received. DuckDuckGo when it comes to anonymous research. The search queries on this engine provide the same results regardless of who uses it. The site is constantly in https.


The characteristics of duckduckgo

Technically speaking, DuckDuckGo uses several APIs to perform search operations including its own. For example the searches you will see can come from Bing, Yahoo, Blekko and himself.

This engine, as I said above, relies heavily on the anonymity of its users by not collecting any data. It is for this reason that this browser is recommended by Anonymous.


Duckduckgo is also open source and can search on other platforms like youtube, wikipedia, amazon. It incorporates an instant response engine. Concretely on type ”Age of Adebayor“. the first result you will see is the instantaneous motor response. Better yet, this time type “The Simpsons characters”.


We have taken a tour of the features, now we will see how it is used professionally.

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How do we use DuckDuckGo?


Searches are normally done by typing the terms into the search engine. However, there are keywords to refine your search results:

  • ! blogspot  : enter “tedidev! blogspot”. to search blogger blogs.
  • ! gamesandgeeks : type: “test! gamesandgeeks” to search the gameandgeeks site and! gamesandgeeks to go to the site.
  • ! Kat: type: “! kat games”, to search the kickasstorrent torrent download site and! kat to go to the site.
  • ! Yt: type: “zone devaste! yt”, to search in youtube and! yt to go to the site.

Anyway, if you want to know the other shortcut commands, just type! Bang.


There are also so-called special requests to obtain certain information.

  • alternative to: a query that gives you the alternative of what you are looking for. Try alternative to blogger to get alternative blogging sites. The search results come from the site which you can get with the shortcut! Alto.
  • ip: a request allowing you to obtain your ip address and your country of origin.
  • qrcode: a request to generate the qrcode. try qrcode http: and you will see.

The other queries are available at

To develop or contribute to duckduckgo


Duckduckgo is an open source search engine. Which means you can play around with its source code and add new features. We can also contribute by contributing ideas for improving the duckduckgo engine on


In conclusion, I recommend using duckduckgo in addition to search with google. When you do your regular research, use other search engines to make new discoveries. You will not be disappointed.

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