Dragon ball the breakers - a survival horror from DBZ for 2022? - trailer

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Discover a new way to play DBZ with Dragon ball the breakers. Can you survive alien attacks?


We have known many Dragon ball games with many types of gameplay. If we had to categorize them, it would have been said that the most faithful way to create the game on one of the most popular manga in the world is to make it either a fighting game or an adventure game or even them. of them.


This is true until now, with the announcement of Dragon Ball The Breakers for this year 2022 where we have a kind of survival horror. You can choose to play pursuers or civilians in a combat zone. Besides being a game massively multiplayer online, the fun will surely be there.


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Dragon ball the breakers - trailer



Survive to live. Evolve to triumph.

Dragon Ball: The Breakers, a new asymmetrical online multiplayer Dragon Ball game, is coming to PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC in 2022!

A closed beta testing is coming soon, so stay tuned!


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Dragon ball the breakers - Gameplay



Seven Survivors, one Raider.

Whether it's to live or to triumph, you should definitely take a look at the DRAGON BALL: THE BREAKERS gameplay preview!



Game detail


Initial release date: 2022


Developer: dimps


Platforms: PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X and Series S, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 5, Xbox One


Editors: BANDAI NAMCO, Namco Bandai Games America Inc.


Genres: Fighting game, Casual game, Adventure


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Last update December 13, 2022 at 03:47 PM




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Dragon ball the breakers - a survival horror from DBZ for 2022?