DooM Eternal - now available on Nintendo Switch - almost 9 months after initial release

The DOOM Eternal game developed by id Software studio and published by Bethesda is now available in the Nintendo switch.


This game is about the main story above DooM Eternal The Ancient Gods. Originally released in March 2020, the port of the Nintendo Switch was done at the end of November, or 9 months later. The best way to get an impression of a game for me is through the launch trailer.


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DooM Eternal official trailer

We chose the first official trailer released before the launch of the games. We prefer it because this video contains all the essentials of the game. But Beware !!!

The video that you are going to follow contains gory and very violent elements. If you continue it will be at your own risk.




This game is originally ported to PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Stadia. Now it is also available on Nintendo Switch .




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Nintendo Switch with pair of Neon Red and Neon Blue Joy-Con



What can be found there


  • Nintendo Switch Neon Console
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  • 1 Nintendo Switch power adapter (EU)


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