Difficult digestion? Here are the secrets to facilitate your intestinal transit!

Last update July 28, 2023 at 06:23

Don't let difficult digestion ruin your day: our practical advice will help you feel better! Help your digestion now.

Heartburn, bloating, constipation… difficult digestion can be very debilitating, especially if this disorder is frequent.

In this post, discover some tips and good practices to facilitate digestion.

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Difficult digestion? here are some tips and tricks for good digestion

1. Take your time at the table

Between two outings or meetings, in front of the TV or the computer, we don't necessarily realize how little time we spend with our plate.

Stressed or too little focused on what we eat, we almost forget to chew well before swallowing.

However, this step is very important to help the body digest. The smaller the pieces and the slower they are swallowed, the less gastric juice the stomach will produce to reduce them to “porridge”.

Moreover, it is necessary to allow time for the saliva to play its role of digestive aid.

If you usually eat quickly and have trouble slowing down, use small forks or small spoons.

Also remember not to draw too many meals at once from your dish. This will help you split the time between the different parts of the meal, which should last at least thirty minutes.

2. Avoid eating too much fat

Some people have a less easy digestion than others, but in all cases fatty and sugary foods are to be avoided for good intestinal transit.

Avoid fried dishes, with sauce (and fresh cream, butter, oil), spicy dishes and alcoholic or carbonated drinks because they are likely to cause bloating and flatulence.

Conversely, fiber is known to aid digestion.

Bet on fruits and vegetables, wholemeal bread and brown rice.

Always have a large bottle of water with you and do not hesitate to help yourself several times during the meal because it is the most recommended drink for good digestion.

In general, avoid excesses, especially during the evening meal because digestion is slower during this period.

In the evening, prefer light and easily digestible meals or perhaps fruit.

3. We rely on natural remedies

There are a few simple tricks to make digestion problems go away.

Instead of taking coffee, bet on mint, verbena or chamomile infusions, which have a strong stimulating power for transit.

Vegetable charcoal, which is easily found in pharmacies, is well known for its depurative properties. It “detoxifies” the intestine and regulates transit.

tamarind juice relieves constipation thanks to its fibers which promote intestinal transit and accelerate digestion.

If you know exactly what type of stomach pain you are suffering from, other homeopathic treatments exist.

It is also possible to limit the onset of pain by taking meals at a fixed time.

Finally, physical activity directly stimulates the digestive process.

Before your evening meal in particular, give priority to walking or the gym as much as possible.

Difficult digestion Here are the secrets to facilitate your intestinal transit