The 5 reasons why you should love reading

Last updated November 15, 2019 at 09:43 AM

The benefits of reading are innumerable when reading a good book, that is to say an informative book. If you meet a man with a rare intellect, ask what books he reads, says Ralph Waldo Emerson.

1 / Reading and health

- 6 minutes of reading can reduce stress by 60%, slow heartbeat, and ease muscle tension and mental state.

– reading reduces stress by 68% more than listening to music, 100% more than drinking tea, 300% more than market and 700% more than video games.

2 / Reading and the brain

- reading expands your vocabulary

- reading improves your memory

- reading develops your analytical skills

- reading improves your communication

- reading increases your concentration

3 / reading and others

- reading increases empathy

Engaging in simulative literary fiction experiences can facilitate understanding of people who are different from us and can increase our capacity for empathy and social interpretation.

4 / Reading and success

-People who read have more income.

Individuals who have demonstrated a high level of literacy have more time to work more time in the year and earn more wages than individuals with a low level of literacy.

5 / Reading and children

In the pleasure of reading, children gain more insight into:

- Mature relationships

- personal values

- identity culture

- Physical safety and security

- aesthetic preferences

- understanding of the physical world

Engage students in reading and one of the most effective ways to influence social change.

Bibliotherapy can improve communication, attitude and reduce aggression in children with social difficulties.

Benefits of Reading in Children

- A strong relationship with you

- Help children cope better with social problems

- improves their concentration and discipline

- acclaim for new experiences

- Academic success very early in life.

- basic communication technique.

Reading aloud for young children benefits their brain development.


If you meet a man with a rare intellect, ask what books he reads, Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Good books help you understand and feel understood. John Green

Any time you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to let in more light. Vera Nazarian