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In this article we will expose the benefits of cordyceps, a very special mushroom called cordyceps as well as its way of life.

Many solutions for treating illnesses and ensuring our well-being do not come from afar. These solutions can be found in nature but you still have to discover them.

Today we are going to talk about a very special mushroom for its many benefits on the body humans but above all for its life cycle that we want to keep secret until the end of the article. It is also nicknamed lzombie mushroom.

This post is divided into two main parts. The first will talk about the 7 benefits of cordyceps on our health and in the second part, we will explain to you the reason why this mushroom is also called zombie mushroom. Take a good swipe and read.

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The health benefits of cordyceps and proven by scientists

The health benefits of cordyceps and proven by scientists
cordyceps sinensis

Cordyceps is a special fungus that grows on living things. There are many species, each with the type of host they like to grow on.

We will in this section focus only on two species of cordyceps that are good for thehuman health out of the existing 400 discovered.

The two types of cordyceps being studied scientific currently is cordyceps militaris et cordyceps sinensis.

The health benefits of cordyceps and proven by scientists
cordyceps militaris

In this section we will expose the virtues of scientifically proven cordyceps.

1 - The cordyceps mushroom improves physical performance

This fungus improves the way muscles consume oxygen in our body.

Experiences scientists on young and adult individuals have shown that those who have consumed cordyceps are 7 to 11% more efficient than those who have not.

Although cordyceps improves physical performance, it still does not allow athletes and sportspeople to perform better than their competitors who do not consume it. The fungus is almost ineffective on athletes when you look at the physical performance aspect.

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2 – Cordyceps and its ability to slow down aging

The experiment on older lab mice showed interesting results compared to others who consumed placebos. The results of the experiments on mice that consumed cordyceps are:

  • An increase in antioxidants in their bodies
  • An extension of their lifespan of several months compared to other mice
  • An improvement in their memories and sexual activity.

The men did not wait for the mice before starting to eat it. Traditionally, this mushroom was widely consumed by older men for the same functions seen on mice.

However, the property of anti aging although noticed on animals has not yet been proven on human beings.

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3 – The cordyceps mushroom fights against tumors

Laboratory tests on many human cancer cells have shown that cordyceps has an inhibitory effect on these tumors.

Animal experiments have also shown promise especially in the treatment of leukopenia which is manifested by a low number of white blood cells in the body.

This disease often appears as a side effect of chemotherapy used to treat tumors.

Not all of these studies have been done on living things to prove that it works. But nothing prevents us from consuming the mushroom.

4 – Cordyceps and diabetes

A person has diabetes when their body or body absorbs glucose from cells poorly or not with insulin. This causes a surge of glucose in the blood when you have poor control and causes serious health problems.

Cordyceps has a very interesting property that allows people with diabetes to better control the amount of glucose in their blood.

In fact, according to studies, cordyceps would behave like insulin, which is the hormone responsible for the absorption of glucose in the blood by cells. In other words, cordyceps mimics the action of insoline.

Studies have shown in mice with diabetes that the level of glucose reaches a normal amount in the blood.

Some experiments seem to show that this mushroom protects against kidney diseases which are generally complications generated by diabetes.

Don't get carried away just yet because the authors of these experiments mentioned that these experiments do not support the conclusion that cordyceps can cure people with kidney disease.

The vast majority of these experiences would not be of good quality even though… Even though patients with severe kidney disease saw their conditions improve after consuming cordyceps.

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5 – Heart Health Benefits of Cordyceps

Cordyceps is already approved by China for the treatment of diseases that disrupt the heartbeat of their victims. This disease is known as arrhythmia.

The more research progresses on this fungus, the more we discover many benefits associated with it.

For example, Cordyceps has been found to significantly reduce heart injury (we're not talking about emotional injury) in rats. This ability to process the heart comes from an organic molecule called adenosine.

This molecule is found in nature in several derived forms. It is one of the 4 nucleosides that form the DNA and RNA important for all life on earth.

6 – Regulation of cholesterol level by cordyceps

Also with the aim of treating heart disease, Cordyceps also acts in the regulation of cholesterol levels by reducing “bad” cholesterol.

Large amounts of “bad” cholesterol increase the risk of getting heart disease by concentrating in the arteries.

In the laboratory, experiments with mice have shown that this fungus can reduce the level of triglycerides in the blood. The latter is a type of fat that also causes heart disease in the blood.

This research has confirmed that cordyceps has a beneficial effect on the health of the heart.

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7 – Cordyceps fights inflammation

Inflammation is our immune system's response to germs, objects and other things that can be a threat to our health. They are generally called irritants.

While inflammation is good for our well-being, there are inflammations where our own immune system mistakenly attacks vital body tissues. Which endangers our own life.

Research has shown that Cordyceps reduces inflammation in mice and has potential benefits for fighting asthma.

This fungus is on the other hand less effective than the drugs already available to treat inflammation.

In addition, as always, the reduction in inflammation in humans who consume cordyceps is still unknown.

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Where to find cordyceps mushroom

Cordyceps can be found in several forms at retail outlets. It can be provided naturally in the dried form or in capsule form sometimes combined with other products for use as a dietary supplement.

Given the difficulty in picking this mushroom in the wild, it is very expensive on the market. Another alternative is lab-grown Cordyceps.

The latter is quite common and can be easily recognized when reading the mention Cordyceps CS4 product coverage.

This section will fill up over time because we do not have enough information on the stores and shops where they can be obtained in Togo. If you are a seller (in Togo or not) Write to us on or See our advertising page if you want to promote your store.

In Togo

You can find cordyceps at sellers of longrich products such as in our store. You will find there the cordyceps millitaris in capsule at the indicated price.

This section will fill up over time. In the meantime we will close this section here.


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The 7 Benefits of Cordyceps - Why It's Also Called Zombie Mushroom - Health

Cordyceps - This species of mushroom turns its victims into a zombie

La planète abounds in species of individuals as varied as they are fascinating. Each individual develops their own means of survival in order to resist against obstacles natural.

If this observation is easy to notice in animals and plants, it is even more so in fungi: the category of mushrooms.

Warning !!! This article may offend the sensitivity of vulnerable people because of its very cruel modus operandi.

In this article we will study a type of fungus whose mode of life is based on the nervous system of their victims. It does not grow on the ground and even less on corpses.

It usually pushes on a living being while taking control of its actions. These victims are often called zombies. We are going to talk about Cordyceps, the species of fungus that turns its victims into the living dead.

Mushrooms belonging to this family have a very similar way of life. The only difference is much more in the type of victim they specialize in.

Generally cordyceps like other types of mushroom spread several thousand spores in the nature once ripe.

It only takes one spore to fall on the heads of their favorite prey and zombification process start.

Cordyceps mushroom – Zombification process on the ant

The control of this fungus on the brain of its victim begins with the growth of its roots throughout the body starting from the head.

As the roots spread, the infected individual over time begins to adopt behaviors that isolate them from their peers.

One of the behaviors caused by the mental control of the cordiceps is to force its host to seek a moist place conducive to the dispersal of the spores of the parasite when it is mature.

When the living dead victim has found the corner of paradise, he clings to it tightly with his limbs and remains so until he loses his life.

While its roots fill its host to the point of being visible on the outside, the fungus finally grows from the head. Once mature, it spreads its spores looking for other victims of the same species to infect. This is how his cycle ends.

This video talks about a type of cordyceps that only attacks ants.

The different types of Cordyceps

There are several types. It is differentiated not only by their physical forms but also by the type of living being they infect. The video above is for the type of cordyceps called Ophiocordyceps unilateralis.

Ophiocordyceps unilateralis – cordyceps mushroom for ants

This species only attacks ants. The description of the operating mode of this cordyceps that you have read in Zombification process just as the video concerns exactly the operating mode of Ophiocordyceps unilateralis .

Cordyceps - This species of mushroom transforms its victims into living zombie - Unusual
Image taken from wikipedia

The stem on the ant is the mature fungus in question.

Cordyceps ignota – fungus that turns a spider into a zombie spider

It only attacks spiders. They begin to grow and branch out throughout the spider killing it slowly.

Once the fungus has completely taken over (the spider has succumbed), the cordyceps fruiting bodies burst open the exoskeleton (external skeleton) of their hosts and release spores thus ending the cycle.

Cordyceps - This species of mushroom transforms its victims into living zombie - Unusual
A tarantula that has been taken over by the Cordyceps ignota fungus. Image Credit: Ian Suzuki [CC BY 3.0] via Wikimedia Commons

Cordyceps millitaris

This is a species that grows on larvae with the same cycle of life. It is edible and has many benefits which we will talk about later.

What you have to understand is that it is consumed and cultivated in other environments like rice in laboratory.

cordyceps militaris


Now that you know the different types of Cordyceps one question should surely worry you. Can this thing infect us too?

Is cordyceps mushroom dangerous for humans? - Is this thing attacking?

Cordyceps does not attack humans and it is unlikely that it will ever happen. This species of fungus attacks much more often the insects .

The reason is that our body has a very strong immune defense against parasitic fungi unlike bugs which are almost devoid of it.

To defend against the diseases bugs have their external skeletons (called an exoskeleton).


Cordyceps as we have seen has many benefits that have yet to be proven in human beings. In the meantime, we can continue to eat it since it presents no danger from excess consumption. As a reminder, the benefits of cordyceps are:

1 - Cordyceps improves physical performance

2 - Ability to slow down aging

3 - Fight against tumors

4 – Cordyceps and diabetes

5 - Benefits for the health of the heart

6 - Regulation of cholesterol level

7 - Fights inflammation

If this zombie fungus is harmless to us humans, it has destructive effects on all kinds of insects depending on its species.

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cordyceps militaris