Marketing Tips by Steve Jobs

Last updated June 15, 2020 at 06:45 AM

Today's marketing techniques and strategies are different from those used many years ago. Even if marketing techniques evolve some principles remain unchanged. In this article we present Steve Jobs' marketing tips via a video.

The 30 inspirational quotes for entrepreneurship find motivation in entrepreneurial activities. To sell you must first have the product. If you were planning to create a startup one day here How to create a successful startup, the ultimate guide in 4 lessons . According to Bill Gates here The 10 rules of life .

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What you must remember:

  • Don't try to convince the customer to use your product at all costs. This is usually done by trying to show how your product is different from others. We focus on the performance of the product, the quality of the components used or the amount of functionality it has. In the case of computer sales, salespeople focus on the speed of the computer, the size of the RAM memory or the capacity of the hard drive.


  • Rather, honor your client:, in the case of Nike, it is not known for the quality of its soles, nor the design of its shoes, Nike is appreciated because it honors the performances of its athletes.


  • Your business or startup must have values ​​that it defends. It is this value that will allow you to better run your businesses and even shape the product. This value when it is well transmitted to customers allows successful sales. In the case of Apple, this company strongly believes that people who think differently are the ones who can change the world.



Selling is an art that requires various strategies and techniques to achieve its goals. No matter how good a salesperson, it always takes a good product to be successful in sales. The journey of Apple, the company co-founded by Steve Jobs, can be summed up in INFOGRAPHY: Apple's 40 years of history .

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