Joke: The baby design used to explain the functions of an IT company

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We have found definitions that use baby conception to explain various roles of people in a company computer science.

To get straight to the point, here is the definition of different functions of the people who occupy a company in comparison to childbirth.

1- Project manager

She's a person who thinks 9 women can have a baby in a month.

2 - A developer

He's the one who thinks it will take 18 months to give birth.

3- Site coordinator

He is the one who believes that a woman can have 9 babies in a month.

4- The client

A customer is the one who does not know why he wants to have a baby. Many have reasons not to have one but I doubt that we have thought about a particular reason for doing child.

5- The marketing manager

He is the person who firmly believes that he can produce children even if there are no moremen and woman.

6- Resource optimization team

They think they don't need a man or a woman. They will produce babies with zero resources. It's still not very far from the marketing manager.

7- Documentation team

This is a team that does not care about how long it takes to conceive. She doesn't care if the baby is conceived in 9 months or not. Either way, they're just going to document the 9 months.

8- Quality auditor

He is never satisfied with the PROCESS baby creation.

9- The tester

This is the person who will always tell his wife that this is the wrong baby.

Did you like? This joke is taken from an instagram account of which I have posted the capture below. Since this is a joke, accept that some concepts are distorted.

Joke: The baby design used to explain the functions of an IT company

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Joke: The baby design used to explain the functions of an IT company