Codiad: open source web IDE

Last update September 9, 2019 at 09:30 am

Development environments commonly called IDE (or EDI) are very popular tools for accelerating the creation of computer software. While many require installation on each machine, some can be used without being installed. We will present in this post: the Codiad application, an open source web IDE.

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Codiad is a development environment that aims to be very simple and light. It can be installed in a server to be used by several people. This framework allows the editing of source code in real time which is significant in the context of collaborative work.

You can use the online version of codiad to test and prototype your applications. The project can be downloaded in two clicks. Be careful not to put personal information. Not because it's not secure enough, but to minimize the risk of hacking.


Codiad features

The web IDE supports over 40 different programming languages ​​including java, C and also python. You can extend its functionality with plugins. This multiplies the possibilities for improving the code editor.

Languages ​​supported by Codiad

One of the functions that I personally value on a code editor is its splitting function. This function included in Codiad makes it possible to have several source code views in front of you. This is very practical when working on a large project.

For other features you have at your disposal, auto completion and many themes. I invite you to test the development environment yourself at . Full details of Codiad features can be found at


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Final thought on this IDE

Codiad in my opinion is an IDE that I will recommend to all people who work on web projects and scripts. Although this development environment supports languages ​​like java and C, it does not have an integrated compiler. To install it on your machine, you only need Apache and PHP. No database required for the operation of the open source web IDE.

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