Chrono Odyssey – The very first gameplay revealed after 3 years of silence and waiting | Ps5, PC (via steam), Xbox Series X|S

A new Chrono Odyssey trailer shows for the first time in 3 years the game's gameplay and its future deployment platforms.

Your cries are heard, but no one will remember .

It was on this message that the very first trailer for the game Chrono Odyssey ended in 2020.

But who would have thought that they would keep their word for 3 years?

My gamer heart cried out for several months to learn about the state of game development. I don't think they remembered it but I'm sure the devs heard them.

I lost hope after the first year and later, I even thought that the Chrono project was abandoned.

All that until today, where I discovered as a joke the trailer which reveals the game and its ambitious gameplay.

In this post, you will rediscover the first trailer and then the gameplay of the game with the detailed information we have at the moment.

Chrono Odyssey – First In-Game Trailer

No need to remind you that this trailer caused a sensation on the web for quite a while.

Now before knowing the gameplay of the game, I will first introduce you to its history.

Chrono Odyssey – Story or Synopsis

At first glance, Setera may seem like a peaceful and beautiful land filled with nature.

However, Setera is also now the frontline of the war against the Void, which has been going on since the beginning of time. This land is filled with danger and chaos caused by twisted time and space and conflicting timelines.

These same dangers offer countless mysteries and opportunities not available to any other world. Discover the secrets of Setera's timeline and find a way to save everyone, including yourself.

Chrono Odyssey – The very first gameplay revealed after 3 years of silence and waiting

This Chrono Odyssey gameplay video is full of information on the gameplay and the universe that awaits us.

The game world has its own mechanics

First, the open world in which the events of Chrono Odyssey take place is called Setera.

Setera like any realistic region is subject to various seasons. Each of the seasons significantly alters the setting of the game, bringing with it many interesting possibilities and opportunities.

Time plays an important role in the game

No !! you do not dream. In this game massively multiplayer, the biggest gameplay would be the ability to manipulate time .

The gameplay trailer also shows that after a death or serious injury to the character, you can go back in time to come back to life and fix your mistakes.

Time is controlled by a powerful artifact called the Chronotector. The chronotector plays an indispensable role in the game's battles and storyline that goes beyond even just manipulating time.

The mysterious power of the Chronotector holds the key to unlocking the full potential of your adventure. As you explore the game's universe, you'll gradually understand the symbolic importance of Chrono – a force that not only serves the storyline, but also plays a vital role in combat and progression. By manipulating time and space, you can stop time, rewind, and explore other timelines, to overcome otherwise insurmountable challenges.

Samuel Seo, producer of Chrono Studio at NPIXEL

The mechanics of each fight will be demanding, especially with bosses

Combat in Chrono Odyssey won't be like the majority of traditional MMO games we know.

The game's RPG elements are kept to a minimum to make way for a beat em all style like God of War or any other real-time fighting game.

Combat is a thrilling experience that demands control and flexibility. Master the basics of attacking, defending and dodging, while switching weapons in real time to gain the advantage in combat. But prepare for the unexpected, as enemy attack techniques are as varied as they are deadly, and they add an extra layer of tension to every encounter. Always stay on your toes, improve your skills and enjoy the fights to the fullest.

According to the game producer

The clashes will require many skills on the part of the player and especially according to the classes. Speaking of classes,

Choose from six different classes – Swordsman, Ranger, Sorcerer, Paladin, Berserker and Assassin – as you embark on an epic adventure.

Detail of the game Chrono Odyssey

Initial release date: ??

Platforms: PlayStation 5, PC (via steam), Xbox Series X|S

Gender: Online game massively multiplayer

Developers: Npixel, Gameplex Co., Ltd.

Publisher: Npixel

Game engine: Unreal Engine


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