Cash register – The essential solution to better manage your business

Last updated October 17, 2023 at 10:35 AM

Optimize your purchasing management and protect yourself from fraud with a high-performance cash register. Do not let any transaction escape you.

You have opened a boutique, a sales store or a mini restaurant or you plan to undertake in the trade sector, you will need a solution that allows you to better manage customer purchases and that will protect you from fraud.

This solution that we often see but do not pay too much attention to is a cash register.

The problem is which one to choose? Each company does not manage the boxes in the same way and it is necessary to make your choice according to the use you want to make of it.

Before making your choice, it is important to know more about cash registers and why not, cash register software.

1/ The machine that all sellers should have in their shop

The cash register is a machine that records customer purchases.

The first cash register was invented by James Ritty in 1879, himself the manager of a bar, to fight against the frauds of his employees.

With each transaction, the cash drawer rings, signaling to the boss the start and end of a transaction.


Here are the features commonly found on cash registers

  •  Additions and calculation of taxes
  •  Receipt prints.
  •  cash drawer.
  • digital or alpha digital display of prices.

cash register families

There are many variants of cash registers that we will classify into two large families. Traditional cash registers and touchscreen cash registers. 

Traditional cash registers 

non-computerized electronic cash register
Non-computerized electronic cash register

They include all mechanical and electronic cash registers but not computerized.

These machines make it possible to fulfill the primary functions of sales management, ie the management of payments and the storage of cash.


Each model of traditional cash register requires different training to be able to use it full time.

A cash register regular must train each time to use a new model.

Traditional checkouts do not take into account the new means of payment, in particular bank cards.

For each type of business, a specific cash register model must be used.

 Touchscreen cash registers

Touch screen

They include all touch screen cash registers.

Typically, these devices are a computer assembly comprising a touch monitor, CPU, cables, ticket printer, and other coin storage peripherals.

Another variant of the component can be simplified to all in one computer and only currency storage peripheries.

They have the advantage of being very flexible and scalable. Getting started with a modern cash register is often intuitive because it contains ergonomic cash register software.

It can be adapted to all types of business by setting up or installing your favorite cash register software compatible with your device.

The main difference between traditional cash registers and touch cash registers is that the latter is designed on a computer basis.

Advantage of touchscreen cash registers

In addition to the features of traditional checkouts, these checkouts can effectively:

 Customer management :

This consists of managing on-site or remote purchases, orders, reservations, deliveries and even the accumulation of customer loyalty points.

It supports credit card payments. The touch screen also makes it possible to identify the prices of the products thanks to the optical bar code reader associated with it.

 Managing your business

This consists of identifying the staff of the company and calculating the accumulation of working hours, securing your business, managing your stocks.

Touch boxes also allow you to manage your business remotely from your computer or smartphone.

Another advantage is that you can install any cash register software suitable for your machine and for your needs.

The advantages of tactile cash registers are many and varied, they fill all the shortcomings of traditional cash registers.

Some disadvantages

The disadvantage of the touch boxes is that if your model is obsolete like the additional boxes, you are obliged to change it for a more powerful and more durable model.

Cash register - The essential solution to better manage your business
Image of an old cash register by © Traumrune / Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0,