The most unusual moments of the year 2020 that you may have missed - Unusual

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The year 2020 has passed. Here is a compilation of the best quirky moments you may have missed.


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The best unusual moments of the year 2020


This year 2020 is marked by the 2019 coronavirus pandemic. This did not prevent the events Unusual to unwind. In this article we will list the best unusual moments of the past year to celebrate the end of 2021.



1- His children were strangely silent. She wasn't expecting that at all.



Her boy played with an electric mower. In his fun he cut his hair and then his little sister's. The mother first of all in shock after noticing the “new look” of her boy turned to her daughter. When she saw the back of her hair she cried out: "Oh my God ! My God !". She asked the little girl:

" Do you like your haircut? ”. The girl with the worried face answers “no”. The mother continues: ”Why did you let your brother do this to you? It's just hair and it will grow back ”, concludes the mother, who ends up laughing at this mishap.


See Unusual: Her children were strangely silent. She wasn't expecting that at all.



2- Special childbirth among the Huichols (or Wixarica)


In huichols, childbirth the a moment of great pain et of pleasure here must be shared by men and women. To make himself the future daddy sits on a support above the woman as shown in the diagram below. Her testicles are attached by ropes which are held by the future mother.

Unusual: how the woman shares her pain of childbirth with the man among the Huichols

During childbirth, wife can pull on the ropes at will to share the pain of childbirth with her husband. Man is still allowed to consume cacti which have hallucilogenic properties in order to withstand the ordeal of childbirth.

Among the Huichol Indians, the man and the woman who shared strong pains in childbirth will feel the joy of welcoming their new baby.


View: Unusual: how the woman shares the pain of childbirth with the man among the Huichols



4 - He gives birth to a chick without the shell


Science is beautiful, but sometimes it can be very scary. On the internet we found an unusual video of a man who manually gives birth to a chick outside the hen and its shell.







Don't do it at home.

View: Unusual: He gives birth to a chick without the shell


5 - Doom game can launch into pregnancy test


A few days ago a developer posted a tweet unusual on the blue bird platform. This is a video from the game Doom from 1993 running in a pregnancy test.

Because of his announcement which quickly went viral against all odds, the developer clarifies after he has only played a video of the famous game Doom in a pregnancy test. We couldn't really play this game interactively with this electronic gadget.



Frankly playing a video in a monocrome 128 × 32 screen is a big challenge in itself.

The author also explains that this feat would not have been possible if he had not completely modified the components. electronic pregnancy test. All that is left of the latter is only its hull.


View: Unusual: He managed to throw Doom in a pregnancy test



6 - An escaped crocodile wandered around Lomé - the restaurant closest to the area reacts to reassure its customers


A video has circulated several times in social networks showing a crocodile crossing a road to enter a bush. Rumor has it the area is close to Blue Turtle Bay, one of Lomé's most famous restaurants.

The restaurant management makes a public announcement to reassure customers and prevent this buzz spreading false information.


View: Unusual: A crocodile has walked around Lomé - the restaurant closest to the area reacts.

7 - It is forbidden to shout on the rides to avoid the spread of the coronavirus. Two managers of a center of attraction give us a demo




In the video, two amusement park managers are on a merry-go-round, face masks. All along the ride, it seems silent and calm. The man in the jacket even had the heart to worry about his hair and his mask. We can say that he remained classy until the end. During all the video we hear the noise of the mechanical cogs of the merry-go-round. It is perhaps the quietest merry-go-round in monde.

The new standard now prohibits users from shouting on rides. The aim is to prevent spread of the virus in the air. Even with a mask on the face, infected droplets can still escape.


View: Buzz - The New Standard for Rides in Japan


8 - A woman and her son enter the alligator pit to take a wallet


«In all honesty, I know as much as everyonePark manager Vogel said on Tuesday July 21. “We didn't know until the video went viral".




In this video you will hear unidentifiable children shouting at the boy in green who appears to be the lady's son: ” Don't do that, you can get eaten by an alligator“. When the boy approached the edge of the pond where the young alligators were swimming, another child shouts “ Don't do that, you will be eaten".

In the video Facebook, many alligators opened their jaws as the mother threw stones in an attempt to distract them. We hear the child dressed in sandals with shorts say: ” I can't get out, I don't know how to go about it ".

" Oh my god this is crazy ”Exclaims an unidentifiable woman as the young boy approaches the enclosure. In the end, the young mother was able to collect her wallet and go out with her son without injury.

In the original video, she tells her son at the end, helped by an unidentified woman ” It's your fault you walked in when I told you not to".


View: Buzz: Woman and son enter alligator pit to grab wallet



9 - A marriage proposal ended with a kick in the face


In video published in social networks, the couple pushed the innovation of the marriage proposal on a boat a little too far. What should be an important moment in their life has turned into a hilarious scene that will never be forgotten. See the video below:




During the request, the man approached while getting on a boat. His beloved being in another boat awaited him with a smile, joy in her face. The marriage proposal seemed to succeed until the moment of the embrace when the woman inadvertently started, probably under emotion, the engine of her boat. I will describe it to you as briefly as possible below.

The man receives a kick from his sweetheart in the face and falls into the water. The woman's boat rushes at the one who films them.

The reactions were not long in coming.


View: Buzz: A memorable marriage proposal ended in a kick in the face.


10 - A woman positive for the coronavirus just before her wedding - The couple decides to get married despite everything - Video


Like many couples around the world, the Covid-19 did not stop the celebration of their marriage. In India, a woman was not so lucky. She tested positive a few hours before the start of the wedding ceremony. She is quarantined.

With permission from the country's health authorities, the couple were able to celebrate their wedding. It took place in an isolated camp. The participants of the wedding were not dressed in beautiful evening attire but rather insulating clothing against the coronavirus. Without counting the priest and the bride and groom, there was only one guest at the wedding.



View: A woman positive for the coronavirus just before her marriage - The couple decides to marry anyway - Video



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This compilation of the best weirdos of 2020 is a way for us to thank you for reading us all year long. I personally wish you on behalf of the entire TediDev team, happy new year 20201. THANKS !!!!

The best unusual moments of the year 2020 that you may have missed - Unusual