18 tips to boost the autonomy of your smartphone!

Last updated October 3, 2023 at 06:23 AM

The autonomy of your smartphone is reduced? Here are the essential tips to extend its life!

Nowadays we have more and more smart phones that are getting closer and closer to computers (but in miniature).

The problems that we often encounter when using a smartphone are often related to the management of its autonomy.

Smartphones never last long enough!!

To extend the operating time of your smartphone, you must respect a certain number of good practices.

In this post, we present the different tips to increase the autonomy of your smarthpone.

Image showing a person taking an almost empty phone out of their pocket.

Tips to boost the autonomy of your smartphone!

1/ Wait until your battery is almost empty before recharging it.

2/ Do not interrupt the loading

3/ Avoid leaving your phone plugged into its charger after being fully charged

4/ Download battery optimization apps. Activate the mode "energy saving", 

5/ Cut your wifi and bluetooth connection as soon as you are not using it

6/ Prefer wifi when available

7/ Only activate the GPS/localization mode when you really really really need it.

8 / Reduce the brightness of your screen

9/ Lock your phone screen as soon as possible

10/ Reduce the automatic synchronization of your emails. GO TO 10 MIN

11/ In transport switch to "airplane mode" if possible

Your phone is always looking for the best network available when you are in transport or in uncovered areas. This search process can be costly for your smartphone battery.

12/ Let the screen turn off faster

13/ Activate automatic brightness adaptation

14/ Disable keyboard sound and vibration settings

15/ Limit apps that use a lot of battery power

16/ Activate the adaptive battery.

17/ Delete unused accounts

18/ Activate the dark theme.

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tips to boost the autonomy of your smartphone with these tips!