A shower of asteroids is said to be the origin of the ice age on Earth 66 million years ago

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New data seems to show that a rain of asteroids is the cause of the Ice Age on Earth.

Several million years ago, our planet was the scene of several asteroid showers. One of them, according to the studies was so massive that it would have completely changed the face of the world. She would be the cause of the Ice Age.

The latest studies have revealed that at one time, a very massive rain of asteroids would have triggered a global event that changed the face of our Earth.

According to the researchers, the asteroids that bombarded Earth are much larger than those that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs 66 million years ago. The asteroid that killed the dinosaurs was very large with a dimension of between 10 and 80 km when they collided with Earth 66 million years ago.


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An asteroid rain that caused a long period of ice over the entire surface of the Earth


A rain of asteroids would cause the ice age on Earth


The researchers found the obvious. This is the asteroid rain that hit our planet about 470 million years ago. This rain generated an overall rise in sea level, freezing conditions and contributed to the biodiversity of the Earth. At the time, the Earth was covered with an ice desert.

This evidence allowed Professor Kentaro Terada to suggest that: ”It's not strange that an asteroid shower 800 million years ago could have triggered the Ice Age, as the total mass flux 800 million years ago is 10 to 100 times greater than those of the impact of Chicxulub (which finished the dinosaurs) and / or a meteor shower 470 million years ago"

We wonder, what makes the scientist say that an asteroid has frozen the entire Earth? According to the researchers, any impact of asteroids beyond 600 million years would be erased by erosion, volcanic activity or other geological processes. The answer is on the moon. No it's not a joke.



The moon as a source of important data.


A rain of asteroids would cause the ice age on Earth


In this study, the scientists used data collected by the Kaguya satellite from space agency Japanese. 59 craters with a minimum diameter of 20 km were observed on the moon. 8 Craters would have been formed at the same time. This includes the Copernicus crater which is over 90 km in diameter. The moon does not know an important geological process like the Earth and does not seem to have been spared by the asteroid rains. It also constitutes an important database for better studying the history of the earth.


Last updated October 8, 2021 at 01:59 AM




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A rain of asteroids would cause the ice age on Earth