Artist highlights frizzy hair - 6 photos - art

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The beautiful images highlighting frizzy hair by an artist.

The artist Tawny Chatmon  in his collection ”The redemption” celebrates the beauty of African hair in his photographs. In this artistic journey, we will discover how the artist in photography highlights frizzy hair.

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Artist highlights frizzy hair - 6 photos - art Click to tweet



Images highlighting frizzy hair


Artist highlights frizzy hair - 6 photos - art

We live in a society where frizzy hair is seen as dirty or unsuitable. In many institutions, a woman who presents herself with frizzy hair is not considered professional.



Artist highlights frizzy hair - 6 photos - art

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Artist highlights frizzy hair - 6 photos - art

On his website, the author denounces these inequalities:

“While we proudly celebrate and adorn these styles with pearls, barrettes and other accessories that conform to our cultural norms, they continue to be labeled as unacceptable. In schools around the world, rules have been put in place to consider cornrows, barber models, hair beads, afros, locs, and protective styles that use hair extensions as "code violations." clothing". “Violations” punishable by ridicule, suspension, exclusion from extracurricular activities and expulsion. Likewise, in 2019, black women and men face similar discrimination in the workplace ”.


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Artist highlights frizzy hair - 6 photos - art


Artist highlights frizzy hair - 6 photos - art

In these portraits, Tawny Chatmon  wants to remind us that frizzy hair is a far cry from the stereotypes and negativity that society puts forward. We can have grace and beauty with our frizzy hair. There really is nothing to be ashamed of. In his website the artist presents his intentions:

“With this series, I intend to celebrate and enhance the beauty of dark hair, features, life and culture. These portraits are meant to act as a counter-narrative and redemptive step to uplift black hair, tradition and culture, freeing us from negative stereotypes. An intention, not to be confused with the search for validation, but rather an inflexible affirmation of black beauty. ”




Artist highlights frizzy hair - 6 photos - art


You can discover the rest of his works on his site  or Instagram



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