The apps every African should use

Last update July 4, 2023 at 11:06

We have made a list of mobile and web applications made in Africa to discover absolutely.

This article is an update to version 2016. We have removed applications that no longer exist and added new ones.

Here is the list of “Made in Africa” applications to know and download on your smartphones, you will find applications such as social networks, transport, tourism, entertainment and finally games.

Made in Togo - 17 software that any self-respecting Togolese should use



Ginger Messenger is a free application that will allow you to send free messages to all your contacts all over the world from a 3G / 4G or Wifi connection. In addition, you can use African stickers and stickers (wolof, nouchi, naija, etc.) to give a more personal touch to your discussions. Unfortunately it is only available on the Apple App store.

Download on itune

The application to manage your smartphone and tablet from your PC

Password Manager

Today with social networks, emails, banks and our credit cards we are invaded by personal information that we must protect at all costs against intrusions and theft. The password manager password manager create by startup Togolese Zetaplus helps you prevent it.

Download PasswordManager.

The professional version exists under the name Password manager PRO. This application gives you the advantage of using it purely offline and enjoying future paid features for free.



giftedMom is a pocket guide for pregnant women. It is also an application available for first and young mothers, mothers of children under the age of 5 and all health personnel including people involved in the care of procreation.

Download GiftedMom

Top 3 free software to quickly type on the keyboard


Access the world's best Nollywood Movies & TV Shows: 6000+ Nigerian & Ghanaian movies. This website is one of Netflix African which is breaking through in West Africa and around the world. Do you like Nigerian and Ghanaian films? irokotv is for you as long as you understand English.

Go to the site:


Watch Full, Intriguing & Compelling Ghanaian Movies. Get the best of Ghanaian English Movies, Ghallywood Movies, Kumawood, Ashanti Movies / Asante Twi Movies. These are films with a lot of lessons and a compelling story.
Download Gallywood ghana movie. ( broken link )



If you like them video games , we suggest you try the Matatu game from the Kenyan studio Kola Studio on this link.

Download Matatu


Get behind the wheel of a legendary Senegalese fast coach, and discover African roads in the Da'karapid racing game.

Be wary, the beautiful roads of Senegal are busy. You will have to be vigilant to avoid as many obstacles as possible and thus achieve a good score!

You will find many objects to help you on the road, such as the bull bar, the magnet and again the super horn !! The coins collected on the road and by the passengers that you will have deposited safely will allow you to improve your fast car in Abdou's garage, it is really the key to progress.

Download on google play

flappy kub

This is the first game from the Togolese startup Zetaplus. This is a game inspired by the famous Flappy bird except that it is quite difficult to lose.

Download flappy kub


We hope this new list has you more. You may like to discover File search 1.1: New application made in Togo et These videos will give you back times in humanity.

Apps Every African Should Try - 2020 Update
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