6 free apps to learn programming or teach it to the little one

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Discover 6 free applications to learn programming or teaching it to the little ones at home and at school.

Discover 6 free applications to learn programming or teach it to the little one at home or at school.

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Software to teach children programming

In our research we found many applications to learn programming and also teach the little ones.

The problem that forced us to remove some of the list is the fact that these applications were either not free or were restricted to a specific platform. This is the case with many applications for Iphones and Mac OS.

We hope that in the list below, you can still find the e that suits you to the use.

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1- Kodu software

Kodu is an application developed by Microsoft for children to learn computer programming. Anyone who uses it can also create 3D games without coding knowledge. So how does it work?

When you start the application, you have the choice between different empty worlds. Once the choice has been made, objects such as trees, fruits and mountains proposed by the editor can be added with the mouse.

After adding objects, you can program the logic of the game. The programming of object movements is done with clicks and drops via an intuitive window.

6 free apps to learn programming or teach it to the little one
programming window

The Kodu application can be used to create a 3D game or application prototype. The advantage of this kind of prototype is the saving of time by testing an idea as soon as possible and as quickly as possible.

Teachers can use it to introduce students to programming lessons.

Some images of the realizations with kodu

6 free apps to learn programming or teach it to the little one

6 free apps to learn programming or teach it to the little one

Kodu is a free microsoft application on pc and can be used with the xbox. The only problem is that kodu only works on windows operating systems. You can find kodu at http://www.kodugamelab.com/

If you use or seek an alternative to kodu which is cross-platform, we suggest Alice 3

2- Alice 3

6 free apps to learn programming or teach it to the little one

The app is designed for teachers in schools, colleges, universities and beyond.

This software can be used to learn java application development, visual art and language. This software developed entirely in java is cross-platform. I let you discover Alice 3 on http://www.alice.org/

If you want to introduce children under 8 to computer programming, we offer Scratchjr which is by far the favorites in the field.

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3- Scratchjr

6 free apps to learn programming or teach it to the little one

Scratchjr is an essentially mobile and web application available on android, ios and chrome web store.

It is created from the Scratch system (available on https://scratch.mit.edu/ ) which is an interesting alternative to kodu and Alice.

Scratchjr lets younger kids learn programming through play. Check out https://www.scratchjr.org/ for more information

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4 - Code Karts for children under 8

On your karts, get set, code! Offer this App to your child to give them the first basics of code from 4 years old. He will then program his car on more than 70 circuits using symbols.

After very simple levels to discover the mechanics of the game, the circuits become more complex and offer fun obstacles.

In the “Competition” mode, the children will also be able to compete against the computer which will stimulate them by challenging them on increasingly delirious circuits.

The principle of the game has been designed to give children the opportunity to build logical reasoning.

The objective is simple: place the “code” bricks in the correct order to allow the car to cross the finish line. They will also take great pleasure in practicing in this playful and colorful universe.

Code Kart is therefore a good way to introduce them to programming. A skill that will prove essential in their future career!

Download it on playstore play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.edokiacademy.babycoding

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5- Algoblocks

Algoblocs is a site for learning programming at school and at home.

This software allows you to learn programming with interlocking blocks. Blocks are transformed into computer code and executed to create a geometric design.

The principle of Algoblocs is to reproduce the drawings requested to complete exercises.

The more you succeed, the more new programming blocks you unlock. You can also embark on free programming to create your own drawings and share it on social networks.

Algoblocs is developed by an associate professor of mathematics, and complies with the new mathematics and technology curriculum applied from 2016.

The different programming concepts are present in Algoblocs: instructions, loops, conditions, variables, operations, Booleans, functions... Algoblocs can be used in class as well as at home.

Teachers can use a more advanced version to register their students. For more information on this web application visit the website www.algoblocs.fr

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6 - Tynker

Tynker is also a platform for learning coding through games. It can also be used by adults to understand programming and children. Depending on the site, the platform is intended for people between 5 and 18 years old.

It allows learners to create games in the most fun way possible.

Tynker is a complete learning program that in addition to learning games, offers tutors from around the world to accompany you. You can learn alone or accompanied with Tynker.

At the latest news, the company offers learning kits for programming on connected objects or the IoT. You can have more information by consulting their site tynker.com.

6 free apps to learn programming or teach it to the little one

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With this article you have all the tools to get into computer programming. Succeeding in these platforms also doesn't mean you're ready to go full-time.

This is only the preparation to facilitate the learning of more advanced concepts.

From personal experience ( Zetaplus ), creating stable applications requires a lot more know-how and organizational skills. When you are not organized, you end up not understanding your own work.

6 free apps to learn programming or teach it to the little one
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