Anime RECORD OF RAGNAROK CHARACTERS – the list of 26 fighters without spoiler on the result of the tournament

Last update May 15, 2023 at 04:09 am

Discover the list of the 26 fighters of theanime Record of Ragnarok that took place in the tournament. Spoil reduced to the minimum possible.

I hesitated for a long time to publish this post especially since knowing the fighters can be a form of spoiler.

If I changed my mind it's because I became very curious and I think you will too.

In this post we will only put the names of each fighter of the manga tournament, nothing more.

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Anime Record of Ragnarok Characters - The List of 26 Fighters

I will only put in this section the names of the fighters. Not even a versus. (Unless I change my mind)

We don't want to put more detail, it would be as if we were spoiling the pleasure of the anime or the manga to present them to you themselves.

Anime Record of Ragnarok – list of god fighters






Gautama Buddha,








Anime Record of Ragnarok – list of human fighters

Lü Bu Fengxian,


Kojiro Sasaki,

Jack the Ripper,

Tameemon Raiden,

Soji Okita,

Simo Hayha,

Qin Shihuang,

Grigori Rasputin,

Michel de Nostredame,

Sakata no Kintoki,

Nikola Tesla

Leonidas of Sparta

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Yes that's all. If you have already seen the whole first season of the anime, I recommend you to see The post about season 2 of the anime. The trailer is full of spoilers on season 1 so don't try to be smart.

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