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Last updated February 9, 2023 at 10:40 AM

The 2 season of theAnime KOMI-SAN WA, COMYUSHOU DESU is already available on Netflix for a while. See details in this post.

The anime also known in French as Komi seeks his words very quickly became my favorite comedy anime after watching the entire first season of the work.

In this post, I take this opportunity to inform all those who are still unaware that season 2 of the anime KOMI-SAN WA, COMYUSHOU DESU is already available.

Anime KOMI-SAN WA, COMYUSHOU DESU season 2 trailer

The anime is about Komi-san who desires to make friends but suffers from a communication disorder.

The real problem is not his disorder and even less his extreme social anxiety. The real problem is his school friends.

The story takes place in an elite school where no one, really no one is normal. See synopsis for more details.

Even Tadano, the anime's protagonist is so normal it's not normal.


Shôko Komi is an atypically beautiful teenager whom her classmates and teachers willingly place on a pedestal.

Thus, from her first day in high school, an invisible barrier was created between her and the rest of her class, who perceive her as inaccessible.

Hitohito Tadano, sitting right next to Komi, however, notices something that challenges him: Shôko seems to have difficulty communicating. She suffers from extreme social anxiety.

Despite everything, Komi is determined to make efforts to make friends; Tadano decides to help him.


Komi-san wa , comyushou desu is an anime that can be found more easily under the title Komi Can't Communicate on Netflix and other streaming platforms.

The anime adapted from the manga of the same name written by Tomohito Oda and published by Shogakukan.

If you like romantic comedies and slices of life, this work is for you.

Title(s): Komi Can't Communicate , KOMI-SAN WA COMYUSHOU DESU , komi is looking for words

Auteur: tomohito ode

volumes:  26

Edited by : Shogakukan

Magazine: Weekly Shōnen Sunday

English publisher: NA Viz MediaSEA Shogakukan Asia

Genres:  Coming of Age Story, Romantic Comedy, Slice of Life, Anime, Manga

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