The 21 ugliest animals in the world

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You will discover the 21 ugliest animals in the world. Watch out for the eyes!!

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This article is an update of the old one called Contest: the top 9 ugliest animals in the world. In addition to the contest, we have added other individuals who deserve to be featured in this post.

This post is made up of two main parts. The top 9 ugliest animals and in the second part ... The ugliest animals in the world. We decided to go from the least ugly to the ugliest.

The most ugliest animals in the world-en

Contest: the top 9 ugliest animals in the world

To draw attention to the unloved species, the president of the Ugly Animals Preservation Society launched a campaign to elect a mascot. Here is the image of the top 9 first of the public vote.

9 / the komodo dragon, a giant lizard of 2 to 3 meters.

Contest: the top 9 ugliest animals in the world

8 / The lemur from Madagascar

Contest: the top 9 ugliest animals in the world

7 / The ouakaris

Contest: the top 9 ugliest animals in the world

6 / the purple frog

Contest: the top 9 ugliest animals in the world

5 / The Nasic

Contest: the top 9 ugliest animals in the world

both male and female have very large noses. For the first, this organ reaches such proportions that it can descend to below the chin. And the longer the muzzle, the more likely it is to attract females!

4 / the frog of Lake Titicaca

Contest: the top 9 ugliest animals in the world

This amphibian only lives in this lake.

3 / The axolotl

Contest: the top 9 ugliest animals in the world

it is a species of urodeles which has the capacity to remain all its life as a larva without ever metamorphosing into an adult.

2 / The kakapo

Contest: the top 9 ugliest animals in the world

It is the only parrot in the monde not to be able to fly. This heavy bird lives in New Zealand and is endangered. Only 126 of these birds were found in the wild in 2012.

1 / The blobfish, the ugliest animal in the world

Contest: the top 9 ugliest animals in the world

This bizarre creature lives off the southeastern coasts of Australia and Tasmania. It evolves at depths where the pressure is nearly a hundred times greater than that of the surface. To resist it, its flesh consists mainly of a gelatinous mass whose density is lower than that of water, which allows it to float without having to spend too much energy.


The blobfich just unchecked the unofficial title of ugliest animal from monde on Thursday 12 September as part of the British Science Festival in Newcastle. He becomes the official mascot of the Society for the Preservation of with animals ugly (Ugly Animal Preservation Society) which works for the protection of these generally unloved animals.

«I have nothing against pandas, but they have their protectors. Only cute animals are usually preserved»

has explained Simon watt , president of this British association, at the with the BBC. In order to draw attention to these unloved species, the blobfich overtook its rivals with more than 10 votes.

Now it's time to discover the other animals that deserve to compete with the previous ranking. They are the ugliest animals in the world.

The ugliest animals in the world

The marabout

Yes, you heard right. This time it is not a human being, it is indeed the name of a very large bird, from 100 to 150 cm with a wingspan of 210 to 250 cm. Marabouts are with animals gregarious, nesting in colonies in moist areas and building large twig nests in trees.

Frog fish

It is a small fish that has a globular, stretchy body with flabby skin covered with small spines.

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Desert warthog or Phacochoerus aethiopicus

The picture says it all

The stellate condylure

The Star Condylure (Condylura cristata) is a small and unique species of North American mole.

Ogre fish or fang fish

This fish lives almost 5000 m deep and has proportionally speaking the largest teeth in the world to the point that it cannot even close its jaw.

Viper fish

This is a fish that lives at the same depth as the fang fish.

The naked mole rat

Description of this image, also commented on below

No !!!! this rat is alive and well. From 2, no one has removed his hair. It is naturally designed this way and is the only species of its kind. Unlike his rat-like appearance from a lab experiment gone wrong, this little rodent from theAfrica of the east is remarkable on several points. It surprises with its social organization, its limited temperature regulation, its ability to reproduce, its resistance to diseases (cancers, etc.) and its longevity, which can exceed 30 years in captivity.

Wolf fish

The Scotoplanes or sea pig

Description of this image, also commented on below

This species of sea cucumber lives more than 6000 m deep. Often they are found around 9500 m deep in groups.

The desman of the Pyrenees

Description of this image, also commented on below

The Pyrenean Desman is a semi-aquatic insectivorous mammal. It is a nocturnal animal living in the Pyrenees and northern Spain and Portugal.

The uranoscope


The uranoscope fish is more terrifying than its appearance. It likes to burrow into the ground to wait for its prey. To defend itself it has poisonous thorns. Some species send 50 Volt electric shocks to scare away predators.

the tardigrade

21 ugliest animals in the world

The tardigrade is a very strange microscopic animal. It lives in very humid waters and places. This animal is also nicknamed the water bear cub and can easily be the most powerful animal on the planet in terms of survival. It is said that out of several apocalyptic cataclisms that could wipe out all living things on the planet, only the tardigrade could survive several.

Many experiments have been done to test this animal's ability to survive. Boiling water with freezing at -200 degrees or close to absolute 0. the tardigrade comes back to life. Some experiments carried out go so far as to send this animal into space or shoot it with a bullet from a pistol. The tardigrave always comes out alive.

Its survival secret is its ability to become completely dehydrated to take the form of a barrel protecting its vital organs. Tardigrades over 100 years old in this condition have been found to come back to life once the right environmental conditions are met.

This animal is fascinating enough to make it a separate article !!

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The 21 ugliest animals in the world

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