All-in-one computer: a concentrate of advantages and disadvantages to discover! đź’ˇ

Last updated October 17, 2023 at 10:35 AM

Save space and productivity with all-in-one computers! 🚀 The revolutionary screen-tower duo! 🖥️ Discover their pros and cons.

An all-in-one computer is a type of computer in which the central processing unit, commonly called the tower, is “one” with the screen.

This type of PC is similar to a screen on which you connect at least the keyboard and the mouse without counting the power supply of course.

You don't need a tower with an all-in-one pc.

I had the opportunity to use several models of these machines (and even an all-in-one Mac) and I can tell you that they all share the same advantages and disadvantages compared to other types of PC.

In this post, I present the advantages and disadvantages of these all-in-one machines and then some prerequisites from experiences that I have personally had with these all-in-one PCs.

All-in-one computer: advantages and disadvantages

If you want a new machine, whatever your goal, it is important to have an idea of ​​the advantages and disadvantages of all-in-one PCs.


Offers more space

The all-in-one pc offers more space on the work table and in his office. This allows for a more sober environment that encourages focused work throughout the day.

A well-spaced desk makes you want to occupy it.

Better display quality

All-in-one computers offer better display quality and above all, on increasingly large screens depending on the model.

In addition to screen quality, you have access to screen technologies (touch and display quality) that you don't often get with laptops or the tower.

Ease of installation and mobility when moving

Often when you order a tower, you have to mount it carefully, connect the appropriate cables and then connect it with a screen.

In short, installing a tower can be tedious and sometimes slow when it has to be moved to another room.

The all-in-one computer, on the other hand, is much simpler and easier to install and move. The tower and the screen becoming one, you just have to plug in the keyboard, the mouse and the power supply, then you're done.


An all-in-one computer weighs.

All-in-one PCs are really heavy. I've never really met one that isn't difficult to wear. Compared to the tower, it takes more strength to move it.

This could impair mobility when it should be changed from room to room.

This machine is not suitable for video games

All-in-one computers are not designed for gaming. video games. Although there are models with a powerful graphics card, all-in-one PCs are generally less powerful compared to their tower cousins.

Moreover, so far, I don't know of a model that can be upgraded and improved to give more performance and fluidity to video games.

If you want video games, it is better to tackle the PC Gamer or the assembly of a tower. Which will save you money.

The all in one pc is hard to repair

All-in-one PCs are generally difficult to repair. Once a component has problems or no longer works, it is necessary to think of replacing the computer in buying another or renting .

What to consider when choosing an all-in-one computer

Provide a solid table to support the device

An acquaintance had an all-in-one Mac in her possession with a very nice wooden desk.

One day, the table collapsed with the Mac and all the office devices (printers, scanner and other).

The screen of the all in one has broken !! End of the story.

After inspection, I concluded that the table, although seemingly solid, had thin and fragile legs.

What was a decorative appearance has become the Achilles talent of the table.

History lesson, an all-in-one computer weighs. Provide a sturdy table to support it.

This is not a gaming pc

If you plan to do 3D modeling, work on machine learning or play video games, I do not recommend this machine.

An all-in-one computer is not made for computationally and animation-heavy tasks.

If you're a programmer, I wouldn't recommend an all-in-one either unless you already have a laptop.

If you want all in one, in my opinion it's for 2D and office automation.

It is the ultimate office and graphics computer

For having used it often enough and trying to repair a few models (see All-in-one computer starts but does not display anything on the screen ) , I can say that an all-in-one is perfect for office and design work.

You now know what you need to know before getting an all-in-one computer. Now it's up to you!

All-in-one computer: a concentrate of advantages and disadvantages to discover!