ADA Lovelace - The Mother of Computing (1815 - 1852)

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Today we are going to do the biography of the first programmer in the world Ada Lovelace. 


The history of computing goes back a long way and we keep discovering the details that have made the creation of this field so exciting for technocrats. In this article extracted of the world's greatest lesser-known inventors (for readability reasons) We are going to talk about the one who was the first in the world to write a computer program. It is Ada Lovelace.


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ADA Lovelace, The Mother of Computing




ADA Lovelace - The Mother of Computing (1815 - 1852)
Ada Lovelace, mother of IT


ADA Lovelance born December 10, 1815 in London is a pioneer of computer science. she produced the first computer program on the ancestor of thecomputer : Charles Babbage's analytical machine.

Very young, she developed a passion for science and mathematics. At the age of 12, she designed the diagram of a flying machine, drawing inspiration from the anatomy of birds. In adulthood, his research experienced several interruptions because of his fragile health and pregnancies. Later, she resumed her mathematics studies, thanks to her mentor Charles Babbage "the father of the computer" she met a famous mathematician who became her tutor. This is'Auguste Morgane, known for Morgan's Law.


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At the end of 1842, after having survived many problems of health, she offers her services to Charles Babbage to further develop and promote Babbage's analytical machine. She writes a very detailed algorithm to calculate Bernoulie numbers with the machine. This algorithm generates a program which will be considered as the first real computer program in the monde.

Ada Lovelace was also a visionary. It is the first to perceive the potentials of the Babbage analytical machine beyond the mathematical domain such as numerical calculation and algebraic calculation. She explicitly describes her vision of the machine as a universal calculator:

« Many people […] imagine that because the machine provides results in a digital form, then the nature of its processes must necessarily be arithmetic and numerical, rather than algebraic or analytical. This is a mistake. The machine can arrange and combine the numerical quantities exactly as if they were letters, or any other general symbol; in fact it can give results in algebraic notation, with appropriate conventions. »


It was not until 1930 that Alan Turing formalizes this notion of universal calculator described by Ada Lovelace. It took almost 100 years.

A programming language is named after him to honor his memory. This is for connoisseurs of the domain of the Ada language created in 1970 by the United States Department of Defense.


To learn more about his life, see wikipedia.


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ADA Lovelace - The Mother of Computing (1815 - 1852)