Tizen OS – 12 Things You (Maybe) Didn't Know About This System

Last update July 7, 2023 at 11:18

Today we are going to talk about the operating system called Tizen OS from Samsung.

Samsung's Tizen OS is one of the most underrated operating systems I've come across. It is opensource and above all very cross-platform, that is to say that it can be installed in any device, including those that you have just made.

In this post we will go into detail to talk about the samsung tizen operating system.

We will start by presenting Tizen os and its crisp origin and if you are a developer, we will give the advantages that this Samsung OS can offer us. Further we will show that most of you are using the OS unknowingly.

Tizen OS - 12 Things You Didn't Know About This System

12 things you (perhaps) don't know about Tizen OS

Tizen OS – History

1- Tizen OS is based on Linux

Tizen is an open source operating system based on Linux. It was developed by Samsung as a logical evolution of Bada. The old operating system used in its first smartphones.

What makes Tizen special is that this operating system is essentially based on HTML5. Initially it was designed to bring web applications to our mobile phones, smartwatches and other IoT (internet of things) devices.

Tizen in Android Departure Hours was developed by Samsung to extend the operating system to all these platforms and its future devices.


2- Tizen OS was an android alternative

The OS was officially released in 2012 and was initially seen as a powerful alternative to Android devices.

Samsung's operating system was on smartphones, smartwatches and all Samsung devices that had a screen.

This did not last because the system did not have enough software developed on Tizen and users with this system had very few games and applications.

3- All Tizen-based Samsung smartphones have been withdrawn from the market

The first smartphones based on Tizen OS were samsung Z series. The absence of google service (like google playstore) on Tizen had created a big lack in the adoption of the operating system in Samsung smartphones.

Which meant that the latter was forced to close its sales of smartphones based on Tizen OS in the world.

Samsung Z smartphones were the only ones that had Tizen as an OS. Samsung's latest Z series smartphone was released in 2014 as Z4. There were 5 versions in total of smartphones carrying OS Tizen. They are: Z, Z1, Z2, Z3, Z4.

4- Tizen still remains on some smartwatches

Then there was the development of the smart watch commonly called smartwatch. The first smartwatch was less developed than what we know today.

Despite the fierce competition from smartwatches, those from Samsung were known to have the best user interfaces thanks to Tizen OS.

5- Google enters into partnership with samsung to reproduce the interface of Tizen OS on the google Watch.

The Tizen OS user interface was so popular that even Google partnered with Samsung to integrate it into its Android system for smartwatches.

Today we have the choice between smartwatches based on android, and those based on Tizen OS at samsung.

6- Tizen OS has been in Samsung's digital cameras

Samsung also entered the digital camera market with 3 cameras including the NX1, NX200 and NX300.

All with their own OS. Although well designed to compete with its adversaries, sales did not succeed because of the reputation of the big players in the field such as Canon, Nikon and Sony, which were well positioned in the minds of regulars. 

When buying a camera, very few think of Samsung first.

Tizen OS isn't widely known to have been in smartphones or cameras. Tizen has seen more popularity with smart TVs. Which comes down to the 7th fact you may be ignoring about Tizen Os.

7- Tizen OS dominates the smart TV market with samsung smart tv

Now the fact that Tizen hasn't been successful on smartphones, digital cameras and quite a bit on smartwatches and other devices hasn't caused Samsung to stop supporting its OS.

The following infographic traces the history of Samsung's smart TV from 2010 to 2021. There is even an art store to buy and enjoy digital works in Tizen according to the infographics. I invite you to read it.

Go to this link if you don't see an image: https://img.us.news.samsung.com/us/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/15143612/Tizen-OS-for-Samsung-Smart -TVs-Infographic.png

The interface of Tizen OS is so well designed that Samsung won the smart TV market. If the user experience wasn't good, we would all be among its competitors right now.

We must not forget that the latter is open source and open to the public even though Samsung is still the main developer?

Who says open source, says that it is possible to modify it, redistribute it and make it your toy for your machines. In the following, let's discover Tizen for developers.

Tizen OS for Developers

Tizen OS for Developers

This operating system is for me an untapped oasis in the world of mobile and embedded development.

In their website tizen.org you will find detailed documentation and the possibility offered by Tizen OS in the development of embedded applications.

The most used programming language to create Tizen applications are:

  • C/C++ for the Native aspect
  • Web language ( html5 / css / javascript …. )
  • .NET from microsoft still in web development.

Visual studio is the code editor preferred for application development on this OS.

8- Tizen OS can be ported to Raspberry Pi

I discovered in the Tizen documentation that it is possible to create web applications intended to run on Raspberry Pi.

If you have sense and the nerves of a hacker, you will quickly see the possibilities available to you with this operating system that can be installed on embedded devices such as theRaspberry Pi or other Internet of Things devices.

Tizen OS is an open source operating system and still remains supported until today although the last developer conference around the system has stopped since 2019.

9- Tizen OS is always open to the developer

If you want to start developing applications for television or watches, I think you will have to integrate Tizen OS into your development plan because their market can be relatively larger than those of Android.

Where can you find Tizen devices?

We have shown above that the majority of Samsung's Tizen devices have been withdrawn from the market, but that does not mean that all is lost for this open source operating system.

Nowadays there are still devices widely used in the world that work under Tizen OS. As far as I know, it's more of a Samsung device.

If you have a Galaxy Watch, chances are its operating system is based on Tizen.

Indeed the Samsung smart watch continues to carry the operating system even until this year 2022.

In addition to the smart watches that are commonly called Smart Watch or wearable, there are Samsung's smart TVs.

These smart TVs are also mostly based on the Tizen operating system. If you have a samsung TV, you are sure to be on Tizen unless you have the android logo on its box.

To verify that one of your devices is on Tizen OS or not, simply:

  • read on the box of your device.
  • The second option would be to go tos the parameters part from your machine, go to about us then see software information ou  operating system .

We conclude this section by saying that nothing is yet lost for this opensource Os.

Android vs. Tizen

Google - All new applications should target android 11 as a minimum - What does this mean for us?

This section is not intended to oppose Android and Tizen OS but rather to expose the relationship between the two most similar operating systems.

10- Android and IOS applications could be installed in Tizen

One of the advantages that Tizen had at the time of its release was that it was completely based on HTML 5. 

This means that Android and IOS applications created with web technologies could be easily ported to Samsung's operating system.

There were many rumors that it was even easy or possible to launch Android applications commonly known as Apk on Tizen platforms (today it becomes Bundle instead of apk).

This has raised many motivations from Android developers and the community interested in this new system.

With some research, you will see for example that it is possible to launch Android applications on Tizen thanks to an application called Acl for tizen. 

Look no further, Acl for Tizen is removed from the Tizen Os store at last update.

11- Google Play movie et TV is removed from Samsung Tizen

Unfortunately, today the application, as well as the mobile store of this Tizen OS have been officially withdrawn. Which makes it really impossible to install Android apps without going through the hack tutorials.

At the last news we even learn that Google Play movie and TV has been removed from Samsung Tizens since the end of 2021.

12- Is it still possible to create applications for Tizen OS?

We said earlier that smartphones based on Tizen OS have been retired by Samsung in favor of smartphones based on Android of the same brand.

Today what remains are smartwatches and smart TVs. The applications that exist are numerous and in my opinion are sufficient for the needs of the device with the bone.

If we take the case of Samsung TV, you will always have access to the Apple TV, BBC sport, Facebook Watch applications, and above all Netflix … In short, all streaming and music services like spotify are always at your service.


We conclude by summarizing this long post about our open source operating system. In short, here is what you need to know about Tizen OS:

1- Tizen OS was an evolution of the Bada system

2- Tizen OS was an android alternative

3- All Tizen-based Samsung smartphones have been withdrawn from the market

4- Tizen still remains on some smartwatches

5- Google enters into partnership with samsung to reproduce the interface of Tizen OS on the google Watch.

6- Tizen OS was in Samsung's first digital cameras

7- Tizen OS dominates the smart TV market with samsung smart tv

8- Tizen OS can be ported to Raspberry Pi

9- Tizen OS is always open to the developer

10- We could run Android and IOS applications in Tizen

11- Google Play movie and TV is removed from Samsung Tizen

12- Is it still possible to create applications for Tizen OS?

The system has not completely disappeared from the market and can be used to do a little more hacking.

Tizen OS - 12 Things You Didn't Know About This System