China: Video mocks US response to coronavirus

Last update July 1, 2020 at 05:52

From the departure of the WHO to the accusations about the management of the pandemic, the United States has not stopped attacking China. Chinese media outlet Xinshua News Agency released a video responding to the charges. This video pokes fun at the United States' response to the coronavirus.


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We have all seen in the newspapers how the COVID-19 virus started in China as well as the reactions of the states of the world. In our opinion, the most striking reactions come from the USA. From the departure of WHO to the attacks against China on the management of the pandemic. It is with this in mind that the Chinese media, Xinshua News Agency publishes a video in response to accusations by the United States. This video summarizes the diploma exchanges between the USA and China since the beginning of the pandemic, that is to say December.

This funny video is in English but easy to understand.





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