Twine: the open source application to design beautiful stories

Twine: the open source application to design beautiful stories

In the world of video games, the story is one of the elements hooking the players. To create a great story, it is important to have the necessary tools. One of these tools will allow us to design the different story scenarios. In this article we present twine: an open source application allowing you to design … Read more

The application to manage your smartphone and tablet from your PC

We have all experienced this situation where in front of our smartphone we feel the need to transfer files to our computer and vice versa. When working on your pc, you regularly turn on your phone to check for an important notification. In this article you will discover pushbullet. The application to manage your smartphone... Read more

How to download an application from the PlayStore when it is not available in your country? [sponsored]

If you spend time looking at the best applications for Android on the Internet, you must have already noticed that some applications are not available on the market of your country. This is particularly the case for Nintendo's latest game, Dragalia Lost, which is only available in Asia and the United States. In this article … Read more

Tips for quickly developing an application

The secrets to quickly develop an application

Many developers believe that the quality of application development is affected by the time required to build the product. In reality it's because the developers are not developing fast enough. It is also believed that those who are the smartest are the fastest in coding, this is also a myth. In this … Read more