Sleep: 7 reasons why sleeping can make your life easier

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Today many harms can be remedied by a good sleep. Discover these benefits in this post.

In a super active society rest is the last thing you care about. As a result, many people are sleeping more and more badly in the world. Scientific research has recently demonstrated the different benefits of good sleep and in this article we will present 7. All of them scientifically proven.


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It reduces stress


When we sleep poorly, the body generates hormones responsible for stress. What makes an individual stressed from the start of his day. Poor quality sleep regularly puts us under stress. To be sure to complete a busy day, you need to get enough sleep the night before.


Sleep and weight gain


Several researches in the field of health tend to prove that poor quality of sleep can lead to weight gain and increase the risk of obesity. Recently the newspaper JAMA Internal Medicine published a scientific article demonstrating how poor quality sleep is linked to weight gain.

When sleeping poorly, the rate of ghrelin (the hormone responsible for the feeling of hunger,) increases in the body while its opposite leptin (hormone responsible for our feeling of satiety) decreases. As a consequence in people suffering from lack of sleep, a feeling of constant hunger with a great appetite.

To overcome this, nothing beats a good complete sleep to balance everything.




 Sleep and diabetes


Poor quality of sleep affects the way the body processes glucose. Nothing is sure and scientifically proven that poor sleep can cause diabetes, but according to doctors, lack of sleep promotes type 2 diabetes.


 Good sleep protects us from hypertension


Sleep puts us in a state of relaxation that is constant enough to reduce blood pressure. L'hypertension delivers us to heart attack and stroke problems.

It is therefore important and necessary to maintain a good quality of sleep so as not to be prescribed drugs with questionable tastes.



Protection against bad mood


Sleep and bad mood


We saw at the first point that the better we sleep, the less likely we are to give in to stress. The latter comes with its share of problems including bad mood. A person under constant pressure can be unpleasant to bear.

Good quality sleep allows you to have more self-control and therefore avoid a bad mood.


 it's good for the brain


The most popular benefits of good sleep are in these actions on the brain. It is known and proven that good quality sleep improves memory and makes you "smarter". We will nevertheless explain how Memory and intelligence is improved through good quality rest.

When you are very tired to the point of wanting to sleep, it is always more difficult to remember things. We work slowly and often we make bad decisions. After a good sleep, one of the most extraordinary phenomena ignored by humans takes place.


It is suddenly easier to find the solution to all the activities that we were doing the day before and we even go so far as to wonder why we did not see it sooner.

What has happened is that the brain, during our sleep, reorganizes our memory in such a way as to make it easier to access the information acquired during the day, the next day. Concentration and attention is even more improved and fresher than the previous days. Direct consequence, we are even more productive.


 Sleep enables the body to fight disease.


While sleeping, the body takes advantage of this moment to generate protein specials to fight all kinds of infections and illnesses. You are going to find that any kind of healing with or without medication takes place while you sleep. It is when you wake up that you quickly see the result.

One thing is for sure, if you feel bad, go to sleep early.



Last update March 4, 2022 at 11:39 am




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The 7 benefits of good sleep