58 things to know to improve your productivity

Last updated August 27, 2019 at 05:58 AM

In this post we present a non-exhaustive list of things to do or not to do to improve your productivity. Choose what feels right for you and make it a habit. Here are 58 things to know to improve your productivity.

How to learn? The right method

10 tips every entrepreneur needs to know to work faster

1 - Avoid negative people who brake you and pull you down
2 - Believe in yourself ... anything is possible! 10 methods to increase your self-confidence
3 - Know how to optimize your time between personal / Pro / Social life
4 - Dare to stand out!
5 - Have fun, and enjoy the present moment
6 - Become an expert in your field ... and be recognized!
7 - Always do a little more than what is expected of you ... You will always benefit!
8 - Help others, they will be more grateful to you.

9 - Ignore the insults, but accept the remarks and constructive criticism.

10 - Do not remain passive, act!
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11 - Nice people always win at the end…
12 – Learn from your mistakes, and try toapprendre everyday
13 - Optimize your time, and manage your priorities because the days are only 24 hours! See 6 habits to lose to better manage your time.
14 - Do not lie, do not steal, do not deceive.
15 - Question yourself and have an open mind.
16 - Test and experiment ... It's the only way to improve
17 - Give up only when it is really essential ... generally the work pays in the long term.
18 - Read and learn instead of passively watching TV. How to learn? The right method
19 - Stop postponing the actions to do ... Do it, even if it's demotivating!
20 - Accept responsibility for failures and successes.
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21 - Base your success on your natural talents.

22 - Have a long-term goal.
23 - Make lists so you don't forget anything.  Discover the SusuNote notebook
24 - Success and failure sometimes depend on a few things ... Learn to put the odds on your side by anticipating, planning ... The 8 Habits of Successful People
25 - If you don't try, you won't succeed!
26 - Do not rush ball in head ... Think, there are sometimes less obvious but more effective solutions. Discover 16 tips to think faster

The 32 things that reduce your productivity

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27 - Check your emails in the morning
28 - Not having a to do list
29 - obsessing over your to do list
30 - Don't take a break
31 - Have a messy office
32 - Not planning what to do in your day
33 - Have an email box full of unsorted emails
34 - Have only a fixed PC, no PC / smartphone / iPad

35 - Waste time on Social Media

36 - Eat poorly
37 - Not getting enough sleep, see How to sleep when you are not sleepy.
38 - Do not try to innovate
39 - Not having a creative activity. Discover The 7 habits of great creatives.
40 - Do not delegate
41 - Not knowing how to say "No"
42 - Having too much information (newsletter, etc.)
43 - Not having goals
44 - Don't use gadgets to save time
45 - Not having clear priorities
46 - Not training regularly
47 - Procrastinate. See How to overcome procrastination?
48 - Not knowing how to manage and motivate a team. discover : 5 simple and effective leadership tips for introverts
50 - Don't learn from mistakes
51 - Ignoring criticism
52 - Wanting to do everything alone
53 - Want to do everything right away
54 - Do not take the time to think. To know :10 things to do to solve any type of problem
55 - Trying to please everyone
56 - Worrying Too Much and Stressing
57 - Thinking too much and not acting
58 - Laziness.