5 simple and effective leadership tips for introverts

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“Self-knowledge is the beginning of all wisdom” Aristotle

Einstein, Gandhi, Buffet, Barack Obama, do you know what these three great minds have in common? They are introverts.

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Introverties are the people who find their motivation and energy in them. Generally they like to be alone and are often equated with shy, reserved or withdrawn people.

The extrovert are the complete opposite of introvert. they find their motivation and their energy by being with people. They easily express their feelings and find it very easy to establish contacts with those around them.

Extraversion is an ideal in the world that is celebrated and revered in our society. It starts at a young age. Susan Cain in her novel… “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a world that can't stop talking” writes: “If you are an introverts in a world that cannot stop talking. introverts, you also know that taking sides with people like you can cause deep psychological pain. As a child you could hear your parents apologize for your shyness. At school you were told to "come out of your shell".

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If there's one thing Madame Cain was sure and certain about, it's that some great leaders are introverted. Introverts are often misunderstood because all leaders should be brash, strong, and charismatic. However, the world also needs leaders who show balance, have a great capacity for listening, analyzing complex situations before making a decision. The world also needs people who breathe calm in times of conflict.

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Here are 5 tips that introverts can use to become better leaders.

1 / Listen first, then speak

It is a natural ability of an introvert. This skill is unfortunately little used in the business world. One of the keys to being considered a respected leader is to actively listen to those around you and provide advice or answers. According to Susan Cain, "There is zero correlation between being the best speaker and having the best ideas."

2 / Maximize during periods of crisis



Crises at home and at work are a part of life. What matters is how you respond to these times of adversity. So maximize and listen to "the way of reason" when bad times come. Where others might see a crisis, introverted leaders will see an opportunity.

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3 / Get out of your comfort zone

Like any introvert, you are likely to be more comfortable working alone than with people. You cannot express yourself in front of groups. But the reality is, these are things that all great leaders need to do sometimes. So force yourself to participate in “little conversations” every now and then, even if you think it's unnecessary. Take a role as a public spokesperson. Volunteer to take the lead in a new project at work that you may not know much about. Each week, work on improving yourself on the little things that you weren't particularly good at.

4 / Enter your comfort zone.

Introverts spend a lot of time in their own thoughts. And we need this time. This is how we seek, think, and come back with great ideas. So set aside time each day for this, even if it's 15 minutes. Find a quiet place to sit and just breathe. Let the thoughts run through your head like clouds, and when you're done, jot down any new ideas that come to your mind, which leads to our next tip.

5 / Write it down

Introverts tend to be better at writing than speaking. This is why you should put your ideas on paper before you talk about them. And here's a tip for making your key points “stick”, whether it's during a business meeting or after speaking at a conference. Create a simple one- or two-page document summarizing your highlights. Respond to questions and objections by anticipating, and offering to answer additional questions. You will probably notice a trend in most leadership advice. Most of them come naturally to introverts. So use your strengths. Recognize, accept and improve on your weaknesses. Always remember this: “In a gentle way you can shake the world.” Gandhi

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