26 things to do not to lack imagination

Last updated October 4, 2019 at 04:40 AM

Being creative does not mean copying, it is about getting inspired and doing better or doing things differently. To do this, you have to play between several natural trends such as taking action, creativity and originality. Here are the 26 things to do so you don't run out of imagination.

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1 - Make lists (or todo list): todo list.

2 - Take breaks.

3 - Take notes all the time.

4 - Write without thinking (principle of freewriting).

5 - Do not stay too long in front of your PC.

6 - Take a step back and do not ruminate on a search for ideas.

7 - Sing, in the shower or elsewhere to free your mind.

8 - Surround yourself with people from other sectors or go see creative people (artists, actors).

9 - Ask for advice and feedback via your entourage.

10 - Work in a group and in a network.

11 - Do not give up but insist, even if it means coming back to the idea later.

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12 - Try, even if it is not perfect in order to give rise to reflection.

13 - Make mistakes on purpose or the reverse of what is required to correct and do better.

14 - Venture your mind in a new place (sport, museum, etc.) or a new country.

15 - Take the time to take the time.

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16 - Rest.

17 - Take risks and treat yourself to get out of the conformist… Go wild! ( but not too much ).

18 - Break the codes of your industry, be original!

19 - Do not force yourself to find a solution immediately, allow yourself time.

20 - Read a dictionary, an art book.

21 - Frame your project to reduce your field of thought.

22 - Do not try to achieve perfection or copy a masterpiece.

23 - Immediately write down the ideas that come to mind.

24 - Put away your workspace.

25 - Have fun.

26 - Finish an action to free your mind.