10 reasons why some people never succeed

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Here are the 10 reasons why some people keep failing


1- They do not understand the value of time


All successful entrepreneurs know that time is more precious than money itself - Richard Branson


People who fail don't value their time. They are everywhere, anywhere, anytime because they don't have the capacity to devote their time to achieving their goals. And year after year, they make new promises that just don't come through because they don't bother to put in the time needed to achieve their goals. Knowing how to say “no” and knowing the commitments to be made are important skills for success in many areas.


2 / They do not do things in accordance with their objective


It is not difficult to make decisions when you know what your values ​​are. - Roy Disney.

The more important it is to have a high goal, the higher it will be on your hierarchy of values ​​and the more discipline and order you will need to associate it with. If the goal is less important, the less it will be on your hierarchy of values ​​and you will have less discipline to associate with it. Unsuccessful people get mixed up in business and their productivity. They are a part of everything, but nothing they do is aligned with their values ​​and goals. Write down your goals in a journal and apply strategies that can get you there. This will allow you to identify things that are not in accordance with your destination.


3 / They never have their feet on the plate


People seem to think that success in one industry can make up for failure in other areas, but can it really? Real efficiency requires balance - Stephen Covey

So, your boss annoys you and you really hate your job, but that's no excuse to slack off and produce poor work. You get paid to do what you do. It is through maturity and wisdom that we pursue excellence no matter what the circumstances. People who fail are those who are okay with getting bad results and who won't bother to find a solution to increase their ability tolearning.  Because after all, being a distinguished person is less about the way you are. intelligent, but more on planning and preparation.


4 / They impose limits


10 reasons why some people never succeed
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You are what you are in what you believe. - Oprah Winfrey

Unsuccessful people tend to say things like “I'm not good with numbers”, “I really hate studying”, and “I don't think I'm able to lead. a company prosperous. ”They set limits and excuse their behavior, but it's just an underperforming and low enough way not to fail. Get rid of theidea that you only have a specific set of skills and talents for specific tasks, stop thinking that you are not as smart as others. What life forces you to do is always do more for yourself, for yourself, and for others.


5 / They are good when it comes to giving excuses


If you can't make it good, at least make it look good - Bill Gates

These are people who find reasons and logic as to why they can't and why they shouldn't. They sometimes take this obnoxious tendency to say that they are  “Just realistic”. They lackimagination and always find ways to justify why X shouldn't be without really trying. The best remedy for this is to turn off your mind when it's about to start making those excuses and turn back on. engine who started it all.


 6 / They lack class


You can easily judge the character of a men by the way he treats those who can't do anything for him. - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

People who are unsuccessful generally tend to have no IQs Commitment. They say things like “well at least I'm honest” or “this is how I am, done with”. They don't know how to treat others and tend to be pushy, for no apparent reason most of the time. Nobody likes big mouths, people who like to put on a show, the humble boastful, or people who don't know how to just say please when we give a compliment. These traits are out of place and are not real class acts. Being kind and polite to the people you love is easy, being kind and polite to the one you cannot tolerate or with whom you constantly disagree - it's character. Learn talking to people is a skill that few people master. They say the best way to test a man's character is to watch him how he reacts when he gets bad service after a very long queue, how he handles his Christmas items and how he reacts when you ruin his expensive items.


7 / They (people) are procrastinators


Only postpone those you are ready to die for by leaving it unfinished tomorrow - Pablo Picasso

The funny thing is that these people are auto proclaim procrastinators. They see no shame in it. This is because they don't know the value of time. They are okay with living like yesterday. They live life as if they have another in the bank.Understand that you start to die the moment you are born and understand that every day is a gift and you yourself must do whatever you can do within 24 hours you have because nothing is ever certain the next day.


 8 / They don't act


 Do something today and the future will thank you  - The Browns

Unsuccessful people tend to dream a lot and produce good ideas, but lack the courage to make them come true. Stop dreaming. Dreaming in itself is not a bad thing but get up, show yourself and do a few things.


9 / They don't face adversity


Full of sun without rain created the desert - Arab proverb

There was a young shepherd, who was short and was not a warrior. He looked at the giant and said, "I'm going to hit you and cut your head off," and that was exactly what he did. The thing with challenges is that they are only big as we see them and they are as strong as our weakness allows. People who are not successful do not understand these things. They give up very quickly as soon as things get uncomfortable. These people want roses without the thorns, a baby without giving birth, and a pot of gold when the rain ends without facing the storm.

Meeting these challenges not only brings us closer to your goals but transforms you into a person you would never imagine existed. Don't be afraid to conquer your fears and step into new territory. Get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. It is in the center of adversity that courage is born. You will never know how strong you are if you never fight. You will fail sometimes but at least you will have to prove to Goliath that he is not as giant as he thought he was.


10 / They are indifferent


So because you're lukewarm, and you're neither cold nor hot, I'll spew you out of my mouth - Revelation 3:16

Yes, these people never have an opinion about anything, they cannot make decisions and are on the verge of total ignorance. People who are unsuccessful are unable to maintain intelligent conversations and are not open about things that are not directly related to what they know. They think everyone should see life
like them . They are indifferent in front of everything. They don't read (see The 5 reasons why you should love reading,), they do not educate themselves in addition to formal education. Even if they have never reached their greatest potential it is OK, in a world full of wonders and mysteries, these people find a way to to be bored. Indifference is a silent killer. Find something you're passionate about, even if you don't get paid for it.


Who are the successful people?


People who accomplish great things are not as extraordinary as we see them. They are ordinary and most often they are not that exceptional. They often manage to be where they are and stay there because they have mastered the art of discipline and being the right person at the right time.

Maybe you have a lot of goals to achieve but sometimes you feel overwhelmed by the lack of time. Turn off your phones, log out at least once and stop thinking about other people's business and you will be surprised at the potential you will unlock.


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