10 real facts you probably don't know about the marine world

Last updated November 2, 2019 at 12:43 AM

Do you know how deep the oceans go and how marine animals live there? Here are 10 facts about the marine world that you probably didn't know.

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To better study the depth of the oceans, nothing beats an expedition to MARIANA TRENCH known to be the deepest ocean in the world, it is located near Japan, China and Indonesia.


  • 40 meters: is the maximum depth for divers: Yes, divers cannot go any further because the water exerts such a strong pressure that divers can find themselves suffocating.
  • 301 meters is the height of the Eiffel Tower and it is the domain of giant crabs which look a lot like a spider whose legs can reach 3 meters in length

  • 500 meters, the maximum depth that blue whales can reach

  • 1000 meters, the maximum depth that sunlight can reach, it is the domain of lizard sharks.

  • 1828 meters, the lowest point of the grand canyon
  • at more than 2000 meters, it is the domain of the anglerfish.

  • 4267 meters, the average limit of most oceans
  • 5000 meters, the pressure is 500 times higher than that of the earth. A diver who ventures there will find himself crushed and flattened like a pancake. It is the domain of fang fish (+5000 meters) and viper fish. (4500 meters)

viper fish

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  • 8850 meters, the height of Mount EVEREST: knowing that the deeper you go into the sea and the more the pressure increases, water over 100 degrees celcius will not boil, so there is a good chance that if you survive the pressure, you can go through water at 400 degrees without knowing it.


  • 10898 meters, The maximum depth filmed by James Cameron in 2012


  • 10994 meters, the maximum depth reached by DON WALSH and Jacques PICCARD in 1960


  • 11034 meters, the limit of MARIANA TRENCH


  • Animals that come to a great depth all die before they even reach the surface when captured. To keep them alive, we need to reproduce their surviving environment with the appropriate temperature and pressure conditions.